Monday, October 13, 2014


I have a tree just outside my "den" window.
Most of the time when I look out,
there is a squirrel sitting just like this.

I have had my windows open most days of late.
I love this time of year and the crisp, fall air.
Lately it has come with quite a bit of chatter,
usually because of an intruder on the ground.

 After all. it is HIS tree...



Lynne said...

I don't speak squirrel . . . do you?

NanaDiana said...

How fun that you were able to catch that. We used to have a beautiful Maine Coon cat and one of the "talents" particular to their breed is their ability to mimic squirrels and birds, etc., by chirping and making noises like your squirrel. It calls their "prey" to them.

That must entertain your "family", too. Have a good day, Missy. xo Diana

Diane said...

I don't speak squirrel, but I'm surprised I haven't picked it up by now. I've been around them all my life.

Junebug said...

How fun his little chatter! They are so entertaining but can be such destructive little buggers!!! How does Mollie & Max do around him?? Enjoy your day! Hugs!!