Wednesday, November 12, 2014


my sister , her husband and I went to one of my favorite getaways.

We went to visit my stepdaughter, her husband and his daughter
and took them some things my brother in law made from wood.
I feel remiss in not having taken pictures of them.
While we were there,
Bev gave me some much needed assistance with my IPad.
I think she has figured out what my problem has been
 for the past few weeks..(I hope)


 We feasted on individual, made to order pizzas..YUM!!
and this wonderful peach and blueberry pie.
If you've never had whole wheat crust, I highly recommend it.
It was as good as it is beautiful.

It's funny to go to the farm and not take one animal picture.
This was a social visit and we spent the time visiting
 and solving the problems of the world.

  This is a new addition to the farms' landscape.
What's a farm without a pirate ship?
You just never know....

 These pictures were taken thru the car window and into the sun.
It's a beautiful ride that I can't appreciate when I'm driving.
The drive runs along the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers.
These pictures are all of the Susquehanna.

It was a warm and fuzzy day..
B&J are the epitome of gracious hospitality .
We enjoyed our visit with you..always the best.
Thanks for everything...Love you !


Diane said...

Looks wonderful!

Cranberry Morning said...

Beautiful images. I love the Susquehanna. We lived in Pennsylvania for a while and I always enjoyed the beautiful countryside and crossing the Susquehanna, seeing those old bridge pilings. Brings back fond memories. This looks like a great place to solve the problems of the world. :-))

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like a great day. Arrrr!

Junebug said...

What a pretty drive along the river. I know the visit was fun being with family. Oh my, that pie looks delicious!!! Enjoy your day!! Hugs!

Susie said...

Missy, I think I remember those bridges from one of our bus tours. I love the pirate ship. How nice you got some assistance with your laptop. We gotta love those helper kids. Glad you had a fun time. That pie looked very good. Blessings, xoxo,Susie .

Hannah said...

What a cool setup to be able to see your iPad on the big screen. The pirate ship looks like a really fun playhouse for children, my grandkids would love it! The drive along the river looks great.

Patricia said...

I bet Bev's grandson loves the pirate ship. My Conner and Katelyn would love it.

Cattails said...

I followed Bev many years ago and fell in love with her blog. I have often wondered what connection you two are. Now I know. That pie looks so good. I know you enjoyed the visit.

Beth of ".E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

wow, what fun day!! i love the idea of a whole wheat pizza. yum. love the bridge shot. ( :

glad you got some blog help. that is fun to learn & get where you wanna be.

Lynne said...

Wonderful photos Missy . .
and good news about the FIXING!

Lilasesazuis Gata said...

Missy, que bom que Bev te auxilia.

Eu também espero meus sobrinhos para arrumarem para mim as coisas do computador e blog. É difícil a tecnologia.

Belíssima paisagem.

Foi um encontro muito gostoso.

beijinhos, tenha um lindo dia,

Lígia e =^.^=