Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Last week, I took you to one of our three garden centers.
This week we will visit the second and largest of them.
It used to be pretty upscale until it changed hands
 several years ago.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had reverted back to the way it was somewhat and improved their merchandise quality.

Like before,the pictures are self explanatory so 
I will keep the commentary to a minimum.

Seems a little early for a Christmas sale...


I worked here for a couple of years in the pond department so it was nice to see this pond looking clean and healthy.

Their artificial trees have always been expensive but it seems that
they have no trouble selling them..
This is pre lit price but without the decorations..
We used to sell the decorations as well for an added price.
They may as well.

I think their wreaths and swags are pretty reasonable
 compared to the other place.

Remember though..40% off 
marked up first??

I though this was clever..ready to hang on your wall.

I didn't go upstairs to the Christmas shop..
There are two floors that I didn't visit.
I may show you those closer to Christmas.

Good grief !!
Shouldn't we wait until after Thanksgiving ??


Cattails said...

I always enjoy visiting places like this at the Holidays. The pond looks very pretty. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos. I love Mollie's snow bunny photo on the sidebar!!!

Lynne said...

Now that is one HUGE Holiday garden center!
If someone is purchasing a pre lit tree for 1800 . . . they have tons more money than I have.
I wouldn't be able to work there feeling a bit claustrophobic . . .
I wonder what their inventory is the rest of the year!
Did you enjoy working there?

Susie said...

missy, So many nice things. That tree on sale was so tall. I wish them luck selling it at that price even. I just keep using my little pop up tree. That's what I call it. Small and easy to assemble. Glad you can visit a place you worked before. Did you see any old co-workers?? That would be fun. Blessings for a great day. xoxo,Susie

Diane said...

Nice tour. Fun to see all the holiday gear-- even if it is November! And, no, won't be buying at those prices!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh gawd, is Christmas coming AGAIN?

Junebug said...

Thanks for taking me along on to this Holiday store!! I sure it put you in the mood for the up coming season. Beautiful things but, my, oh my, what some prices!!

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, Beth said...

very pretty. i love the wooden reindeer. ( :

the funny thing is -- i am ready. i don't have my Christmas card addressed or anything like that. but i know a few who do. but i felt in the mood considering all the coldness we have been having, etc. i feel Thanksgiving as a kid there was always a Christmas tree ready. not that we were forgetting Thanksgiving or anything just that it was part of the holiday season ... i love it!! ( :

but i do understand why you say what you did. we (society) do seem very rushed to go on to the next holiday and event way to quickly. we have to love and enjoy the time we are in now.

Kelly said...

That looks like a great shop! I love going to places like that. I agree though, let's wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It all looks so pretty, Missy. They have quite a selection of faux and real trees and wreaths. I love it, although I'd probably get lost in it all.