Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas Eve was my turn..
Ann and Joe ( my sister and her husband) came for dinner
and presents.

 Christmas Eve was when our family all got together.
When I was working, I worked Christmas Day.

 Years ago, 
someone gave me this snow globe and Ann and I 
have been passing it back and forth ever since.

Joe has been saying that he wants an elephant for Christmas..

 The dogs thought he should share.

 I was concentrating on dinner and presents so I didn't get
many pictures.
We had a nice evening together. 
They head south soon for the winter.

Christmas morning brought SUNSHINE !!
It's been weeks.
It was short lived... only a few hours before the clouds returned.


I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday with friends and family.
Sad to think that it's over already.


eileeninmd said...

Sorry, you had to work on Christmas day! I am glad you had your family time and celebration.. I love the cute doggies and the elephant.. Have a happy day and week ahead! I wish you and your family a happy,healthy New Year!

Lynne said...

Wonderful photos . . . I like seeing and hearing about fun gifts . . . I am happy Santa made your BIL happy! And the back and forth snow globe is a fun idea. A gal I used to work with who didn't enjoy Christmas glitter and stuff used to pack up and send me some each year . . . The fun part was not knowing when it would arrive . . . and planning for the "send back!"

Are you going South to visit your sis and BIL . . .?

Diane said...

Yes, it does go by too fast. That elephant is cute! Like your sunny pictures. We've had a few days of sun since Xmas, but the cold temps have returned.

Junebug said...

I agree, you blink and all the gatherings are over. And then it is return to work, ugh!! Enjoy these last few days of the year, hugs!!

Anonymous said...

nice evening, fun presents and a delicious dinner....Love you Ann

Tante Mali said...

Lovely pictures my friend. It's so wonderful to have a part of the family around for Christmas. Looks you had fun!!!
All my best for 2015 a happy happy happy New Year

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, Beth said...

looks like fun. i enjoy the cloud shot. gorgeous time. ( :

Marie said...

Sorry you had to work Christmas day, but it looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

suziqu's thread works said...

I had to laugh about Joe with his elephant!

Thank you for such kind comments left on my blog Missy and I would love to wish you a most joyful and happy New Year with many small blessings!