Friday, December 12, 2014


 There are those out there
 that have to be bigger ,brighter and louder during the holidays.
Here's an example.....

I took this video so you could hear (turn your sound on)
 what the neighbors have to listen too..
Maybe they all go South.
Pardon the quality..
It was hard to get it all because it wasn't all on at the same time.
We were in a long line of traffic and had to keep moving.
To each his own...sure gets your attention.


Cattails said...

Oh! The traffic and noise might become to much for me!

Wishing you a good day and a nice weekend.

Tante Mali said...

Oh yes, know what you are writing about...
Have a quiet and wonderful time

Debra She Who Seeks said...


Diane said...

I can say it's neat because I don't live anywhere near them! Wouldn't want to pay their electric bill either-- call me a Scrooge.

Junebug said...

sure hope there neighbors are in on this! Yikes!!

Lynne said...

To each is own . . . I can't imagine being a neighbor!

eileeninmd said...

Funny, I do love seeing all the Christmas lights but I hope they stop playing the music at a decent time.. Have a happy week!