Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Several weeks ago I published a post with a "missing video".
I was "cleaning" out my picture files and there it was.
It had been deleted from U Tube but I still had it.
And you'll be so glad I did !

 Max is the consummate little helper 
when it comes to making the bed.

Now we all know why it takes so long and why there may be
kitty litter between the sheets.
Took you long enough!!



Susie said...

Missy, It is nice to have help with the chores. LOL. I love seeing your pets. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

eileeninmd said...

Funny, I think Max prefers the bed the way it is.. Have a happy day!

Diane said...

Just think how boring it would be to make your bed all by yourself!

Junebug said...

What a helper! Your lucky you get to change the sheets with that kind of help. It was fun to watch, glad you shared it with us! Enjoy your day, hugs!!

Marie said...

What a sweetie! :-) A well-made bed is not important to him! :-)

Lynne said...

Bet those sheets are eventually get torn by teeth and claws!

Tante Mali said...

Fantastic Max pictures my friend!!! He's so cute and loves your fresh sunwashed bed!
All my best

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, It's Beth said...

i think you need to be more sneaky ... maybe when Max is sleeping. ha. ha!! ( :

CatTales said...

This is the best video ever. He is adorable. My 6 like to "help" make the bed, too.