Monday, January 5, 2015


Gloria,who walks Mollie for me on occasion,
 stopped by with Christmas gifts for Mollie and Max.
I haven't needed her much this year but it is so nice
 that she is available to us.

Mollie likes anything that squeaks.

Max has a hard time playing with anything because Mollie steals it.
I snuck this little catnip toy up on the bed to him and he got away with it for several minutes til Mollie heard him flipping it in the air.

When Mollie is getting groomed, 
I will sometimes play "catch" with Max.
If I throw something up in the air,
he will bat it back at me...He's my fun Kitty !!

There's a little cat ball that Mollie managed to steal and stuff under something before I could get it from her.
Oh well, the broom will find it .

Have a wonderful week.


Diane said...

How nice! One of my dogs likes squeakers and one is afraid of them! I used to play catch with my old cat-- he would actually catch a toy with his foot.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

New toys, what fun!

eileeninmd said...

Mollie and Max are cuties! I have never seen a kitty playing catch. Wonderful photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

".E." Lizard Breath Speaks, Beth said...

i know my friends their cats love mice. or anything really. she will get packages that arrive in those big amazon boxes and the cats love hiding in them & then pouncing out of them ... to get you. peering out. so cute!! i think cat are very creative. way smart like that. cute shots. ( :

Lynne said...

Such a sweet pair they are . . .
Great companions too???

Marie said...

What a sweet dog walker/dog & cat sitter! That was kind of her to play Santa with your pets. They seem happy about it.

Karen L. Bates said...

Santa is always good to our pets...we all spoil them so but it's so fun to watch them.

Mildred said...

Missy - I have a new blog, click on my name and it should take you there. I'd love for you to visit/follow along.