Monday, January 12, 2015


We've had some bitter cold weather lately with a little snow.
Along with that comes EXCESSIVE amounts of salt.
That is salt on the's not snowing.

Who puts salt on carpet??
Don't get me started !!

Poor Mollie..
I use Mushers Secret to protect her paws from the salt.
As long as it is dry, she can walk thru it.
It's when the salt is melting ice or when her feet get wet
 that it burns her feet..
With the single digit temps, it has been pretty dry.

She has a wonderful hand me down "horse blanket"
that keeps her toasty warm.

When we have single digits, I have a felt liner for it.

She'd stay out forever in this weather
 except the snow gets too cold for her to walk thru.
Mushers secret does not help with the cold.
Did I mention.. -14 wind chills!

I hope you and your babies are safe and warm.


Anonymous said...

brrr....were you able to get the salt off the rug?,Didn't realize that Mollie has a jip-in liner..that's more than I have! Ann

Carol Slack said...

Mollie looks cozy in her coat. Kirby doesn't have a fancy coat like Mollie and he is generally not happy to wear a coat.. His fur is longer than usual since I can't groom him with my injured wrist. He is missing his walks, but I've been trying to play fetch with him every day.

Kelly said...

That is something that we don't have to deal with living in a mild climate during the winter. It's good that you know what to use for your pets. I never knew that salt would sting their paws. I love the cute coat that Mollie is wearing!

Lynne said...

Zero here,AGAIN!
Snickers goes out to "DO HER DUE"
and right back in she comes.
I like Mollie's wrap!

eileeninmd said...

It warmed up some here today, but going back down tomorrow.. It is nice to learn about the Mushers, I heard that the salt can be very bad for the dogs paws.. Mollie is very well cared for and loved.. Have a great evening.