Friday, February 6, 2015


In 1979 ?
my sister, her new husband, my husband to be and I
went white water rafting and camping in a tent for a weekend.
(That is not our camper in the background.)
I remember cooking steak and mac and cheese
 on a grill in the pouring rain.
Did we care??
It was a long time ago when we were young, a little foolhardy
and a lot thinner, judging by the pictures..All of us !!
Joe had hair!!

Fred and I were married several months later in Cape May, NJ.
Friends and their kids came to spend the weekend with us.
( pre planned...)
They were surprised. Their girls decorated our car..

We had a boat at the time, "Frissy" for Fred and Missy.
It wasn't long before
 we got two Lab puppies..Sammie and Penny.

The little boy is the son of another boat owner
 who is taking the picture.

We played a lot of golf !!

Traveled a bit...

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg...

Disney World..wrestling with Tony the tiger.

New England..This is in Provincetown, Mass.


Fred had multiple orthopedic surgeries..
He's on his machine "exercising his knee"...
He's not supposed to be this comfortable.
With him are Sammie our lab and Erin our kitty.

We saw more than one major snow storm..

Last minute Halloween party when
 we went to visit my sister...
( I sure would like to have that neck again.
Sometimes it's not good to look at old pictures.)

They came to visit us as well  and brought "Phineas".
We always lived within a couple of hours of each other.

Sometimes we had the grandchildren for the weekend.
They were fun times.
Papap had to use the floor while they took over his chair.
Andy got married this past summer
 and is going to be a Dad next summer.
Jenn has a son Tyler, who will soon be 5. 
Time goes so fast.

His pride and joy..and one of my favorite pictures.
Some of you know her as the Bee Haven Maven !
If you don't know her ,visit her farm blog.
 I  promise that you won't be disappointed.

Bee Haven Acres 

I could go on but I think you get the gist...
It's been a good far. 

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eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, I loved this look back and the old photos... My hubby used to be a white water guide in WV long ago.. I love your lab, they remind me of my old dog. Sunshine was a yellow lab and we kept one of her pups a chocolate male lab we named Maui. You have a beautiful family and great memories.. Have a happy weekend!

Beverly Frankeny said...

Great photos, Missy....brought a tear to my eye. What a handsome guy Daddy was! I miss him and think of him each and every day.

September Violets said...

A wonderful collection of photos from your life! Wendy

Diane said...

Really nice! Love Labs-- there have been a few in my life. There's something about 70s pictures that always takes me back-- the colors, the clothes. Just nice times, I guess. By the way, your tiger friend looks like Tigger from Winnie-The-Pooh. Fun photos!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I knew there was some connection or another between your blog and the Bee Haven blog but now all is clear -- SISTERS!! That's so great. Love those photos too.

Junebug said...

Great pictures! Love all the memories that pictures bring. Cute pic of Bev!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

more fun photos!

oh yes, it's bitter/sweet, to look at pics of our younger self!!!! -grin-


Susie said...

Missy, I love your pictures. I also think the name of the boat was cute. :) You must have had pets all along. :):) Hope you show us more pics. Blessings for a great weekend, it's suppose to get a bit warmer. xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

wonderful memories...and bittersweet. We are lucky to have had such fun experiences, and we have to look forward to other events that will bring us joy. Ann

Lynne said...

Beautiful post Missy . . . Finding a box of old photos, or looking through the old albums brings such wonderful memories . . . Back to life we go with a zing! If forever would only last longer . . .

Saimi said...

What a pretty lady!! It's so fun to look back at old photos and see the styles we wore, but what i love most about pictures is the memories. When my boys were in their teenage years they would balk every time I would want to capture a moment. I finally told them, if theres not a picture, then it didn't happen - from that time forth, it became our family motto and now that they are older and starting their own lives, they are great about taking pictures.

Thanks for sharing yours!

marejohn said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing..what a lovely family and a great life (so far with more to come I'm certain!)

NanaDiana said...

Missy, What wonderful old photos. You sure make/made a sweet couple. He was a handsome man, wasn't he? I can tell by looking at the pictures that he was a kind soul.

I hear you about looking at old pictures. Time sure marches on and takes some of the best of us with it.

I don't know the gal you mentioned at all but I will go visit her. Nice to see a post from you. I am just popping in to a few blogs tonight-waiting for the kids to get back to the vacation condo.

Love to you, my friend, Diana

Hannah said...

It's so amazing how time just flies by! It is good to see our grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, growing up. Your camping scene looks alot like a camping trip would now, I don't imagine your grandparents camping would look quite the same. It's fun to remember all the times past, for sure!

CatTales said...

I enjoyed these photos/memories so much and it was nice to see Beverly again too.

Lynne said...

Great post!
Loved this all over again Missy!
You made a very “good looking” couple . . .
Sad for you it didn’t last longer!

Reminds me . . .
A friend is skiing out west . . .
I am getting out my albums and doing a post on our ski days!
That is . . .
After my walk, after I finish my valentine creating, finish my puzzle, make cookies,
plan dinner for tonight, order a cake for a friends BD, laundry, etc . . .

(It might take me awhile before I get to the ski pics!)