Monday, February 9, 2015


Mollie and I walk by this old farmhouse almost every morning.
Part of its' property was developed long ago and includes
the community in which I live.
"We" just bought the farmhouse and its 30 adjacent acres.
The rest of the property houses a children's home.
  It's in deplorable condition and not salvageable.
Sadly, some day it will be torn down..

When we walked by it recently we saw lots of police presence.

Three canine units, 
our township police and the adjoining townships as well.
We live across the river from Harrisburg
 and the Capitol Police were also there.
We also saw a federal license plate.

There have been times in the past where the police have been there
to remove vagrants, squatters ?? 

Of course ones mind has to create a drama for this story...
Drugs? Meth lab?
After all the "feds" were there.
I decided to call our "powers to be" since I was going to write about it and had taken pictures.
At first I was told that they didn't know what was going on and we had been told to "stay away".

For some reason, he called me back that afternoon 
 and said he had only been kidding 
and that
the police were using the house to train their dogs.
Makes good sense to me..perfect use for it.

Sure beats a Meth Lab don't cha think?

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September Violets said...

That was nice of the police to call you back so that you don't worry. Our minds can conjure up all sorts of interesting alternatives! Quite a forlorn looking house now. Wendy

Lynne said...

I guess dog training is better than a meth lab . . .
but I was hoping for something really scary . . .
Just sayin' . . ..

eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, I think the dog training is much better than a Meth lab.. I was sure it was going to be something else..exciting.. Have a happy Monday and week ahead!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I suppose if they had really been investigating something there, they would have put up that yellow crime scene tape. At least that's what they do on TV, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I saw the dogs there several months ago. I hope the community is getting some $$$ for use of the house. Ann

Junebug said...

Here I had some fugitive held up in that house!! I'm glad to hear just a dog training!! To bad someone with big bucks would restore that house, it could be beautiful!

Kelly said...

what a relief! I bet that would've been fun to watch though. we watch the tv show "Cops" all the time and I always love it when they bring out the dog to get a guy that ran from them. LOL! I know I'm twisted that way.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

""We" just bought the farmhouse and its 30 adjacent acres."

what does that mean, please?

it you owned it, you would have to have been contacted, before it could be used for any purpose....

or what did I miss? ,-)

Diane said...

Why is it so easy to jump to negative conclusions?! Glad it was nothing too weird!

Linda H said...

Wow- rather scary/exciting at first, but a good outcome. Training is always a good thing....