Monday, March 30, 2015


 I have been trying for several years to get a picture of this guy.

 You see, he has no tail or not much of one.
He must have critters because he was always scratching.

 I have seen him here and there over the past several years 
and have, upon occasion, ( from a distance) mistaken him
 for a rabbit.
It was that long ago when Mollie and I were out walking,
 that I saw a squirrels tail lying in the grass in a field..
must have been his.
I guess one of those hawks that I write about got him..

 More scratching..

I guess squirrels don't eat corn from the ground??

 This is much more fun...

I hope there is some fun in your day..

Friday, March 27, 2015


When I moved here a little over two years ago,
my bathroom was painted with a glossy paint.
I have never liked shiny paint except on woodwork. 

Old, shiny color...

My door isn't blue..That must be the lighting.
The old, darker color is on the left...
This next picture is the most accurate color.
This should show you that you can't pick a color over the internet.


Since I was having it painted,
I changed the shade of grey a bit.
It looks different in all of these pictures.

The painter saw green in it. I saw has both.
 It goes better with the floor...

Before I changed the grey , 
I had gotten this rug which has become a Max favorite.


 It still works...It looks purple but it's grey!!!
Max really is this color.

I hope your colors are true!!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Someone in this house recently celebrated a birthday 
and was the surprised recipient of these flowers.

They weren't here long before "Mr Max" discovered them.
No plants or flowers allowed !!


......especially if there are ribbons included.
That would be just an added treat.
 "Hmmmm..should I go for the flowers or the ribbon first??"

That's my boy !!
 So sweet...always nearby.


Monday, March 23, 2015


 Last week there was a flurry of activity around here.
It's that time. 

The tanbark fairies have arrived..
The early part of the week was spent pruning and cleaning up.
That's a very scary time for me 
They don't know a rose from a Rhododendron..
As it is ,
They cut down all the Hydrangeas and someones Lilacs.

It looks so much cleaner and tidier now.

Sorry that truck is there..he's painting my bathroom.
That's another story.

The next day it snowed.
The snow turned brown from the tanbark dye.

A well deserved lunch break...

Tanbark delivery..

In previous years they used 6 wheel barrows and spread it by hand.
Much quicker but used a lot more tanbark, I think.
There are five streets of cottages inside a large oval.
They used to do it all in almost one day...
This way they get two streets done each day.

Have you done your Spring cleanup yet??

Friday, March 20, 2015


Last week I received this very special gift from a very special lady.
My very special brother in law put it up for me and I waited 
almost 24 hours.

Aha..There you are...

I may have made it too easy for him..
I don't think this is quite the way it's supposed to work.

Where are your buddies?
It doesn't look like it took any pressure off the bird feeder.
Look at his belly..birdseed inside and out.

The seed runs down his belly...

and on to the ground..
Waste not want not !

That took care of about two inches of birdseed..

I have to say that I envy those blogger pals of mine who have such "exotic" animals to photograph.
Stewart says that his kids think squirrels are exotic.
I guess Wombats aren't so exotic in Australia.
His photographs are extraordinary.
 Visit his blog you won't be disappointed.

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Tasmanian Wombat

Thanks Stewart for letting me use your Wombat!

The next morning...
I cob left, lots of corn on the ground and Mr squirrel
back up in the tree..
I found a stripped cob in the grass a block away. 

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These pictures were all taken thru screen and a dirty window..
Have glorious weekend..

Monday, March 16, 2015


Do you suppose that looking at this for several weeks 
makes us appreciate the beauty of Spring more?

We are definitely in need of a cleanup !!
They will be here this week.

The weekends rains should take care of the rest of the snow.

We have little tributaries running everywhere.

Adjacent to our property is a corn field 
and there are husks everywhere.
I don't remember that in previous years.

There is still a fair amount of snow along the path 
between us and the cornfield.
In the bottom left corner of this picture
 you can see a downspout extension.
See how it is tilted up towards the sky (some are)
 preventing it from draining totally?
 Then they wonder why it is so buggy around here.
Sorry..That's one of my pet peeves.

Somebody is thinking "Spring".

It won't be long..
There are some freezing temperatures at night in this weeks forecast but it is to be mostly dry.
They are beginning to push their little noses through the mulch.

Have a wonderful week...