Friday, March 20, 2015


Last week I received this very special gift from a very special lady.
My very special brother in law put it up for me and I waited 
almost 24 hours.

Aha..There you are...

I may have made it too easy for him..
I don't think this is quite the way it's supposed to work.

Where are your buddies?
It doesn't look like it took any pressure off the bird feeder.
Look at his belly..birdseed inside and out.

The seed runs down his belly...

and on to the ground..
Waste not want not !

That took care of about two inches of birdseed..

I have to say that I envy those blogger pals of mine who have such "exotic" animals to photograph.
Stewart says that his kids think squirrels are exotic.
I guess Wombats aren't so exotic in Australia.
His photographs are extraordinary.
 Visit his blog you won't be disappointed.

Linking with Stewart

Tasmanian Wombat

Thanks Stewart for letting me use your Wombat!

The next morning...
I cob left, lots of corn on the ground and Mr squirrel
back up in the tree..
I found a stripped cob in the grass a block away. 

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Show and tell Friday

These pictures were all taken thru screen and a dirty window..
Have glorious weekend..


Diane said...

Very neat-- wombat and all. Nothing very exotic here either! Although we did see a Great Horned Owl about a month ago in our backyard.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

is this corn cob arrangement, supposed to give the squirrels enough food, so they will leave the bird feeders alone??????

NanaDiana said...

How funny! Isn't that thing supposed to spin when the squirrel gets on there? Love your local pictures. Those wombats look a little scary to least squirrels aren't scary. lol xo Diana

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those squirrels are just EATING MACHINES!

Lynne said...

You'll get some BUBBA squirrels with all that corn . . . They may have to spend some time in the "woods latrine," you know what too much corm can do . . .
Like they say . . . "Just Use Your Imagination!"
One thing about squirrels, they re GREAT FUN to watch!

Susie said...

Missy, I like the effect of the photo thru the screen. That's a cute feeder. Your furry friends will love you. Hope your dog can watch them eating. Blessings for a nice weekend. xoxo,Susie

Patricia said...

Wow, the claws on that squirrel. No wonder they're so good hanging around in the trees.

Stewart M said...

Nice post! The squirrel feeding wheel looks great!

I'm trying to get some pictures of a ring-tailed possum that has taken up residence in our garden - but at present he (or she) is not cooperating!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

CatTales said...

Squirrels are such comedians! Thankfully, we have not seen any in this neighborhood ..... yet!
Love seeing the wombat.
Hope you have a good evening. Mildred

Margaret Adamson said...

Well it was worth the wait if 24 hours to see the antics of the squirrels and get these shots.

Mrs Shoes said...

I found you through 'Saturday's Critters'.

Great shots of your little birdseed thief, love the one of the seeds on his tummy!

Please do feel welcome to stop by my place sometime.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, nice feeder! Looks like fun watching the squirrels get their bellies full! Thanks for linking up, enjoy your day!

Pat said...

Such fun to watch these little characters.