Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This past weekend a bridal shower was held for this bride to be.

The day was gorgeous and the venue elegant.

This table held prizes for games that were played.

This table was for gifts...

More gifts...

A friend of the brides brought farm fresh radishes for everyone to take home..I never knew there were so many varieties..
Thanks !

Yummy food..

Luscious desserts...

Games and stories...
There was a  continuous slide show of old pictures.

I failed miserably with these...


A good time was had by all....

The end of a nice day..

 The best of everything to you both.
Be happy !!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Oh happy day !!

 Aren't these just beautiful..?
This was a lot of work for someone..

 I hate to be a negative Nancy but the problem I have with bulbs is that in about a week these will be pretty dead and you are supposed to leave them alone until all the leaves are dead.
This nourishes the bulbs for the next year.
It seems that they look bad longer than they are beautiful.
I'll bet they cut these off anyway.

Friday, April 24, 2015


A Flicker is in the woodpecker family and spends most of it's feeding time on the ground or on the side of a tree eating bugs.
(or at my suet)

 The undersides of the wing and tail feathers are bright yellow, for eastern birds, or red, in the western species.
You can see the yellow under her tail feathers.

Eastern Bluebird
This is a male who will become a lot bluer as spring arrives.
 The females have almost no blue on them right now.

As you can tell by the snow, 
these pictures were taken several weeks ago..

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We recently held our annual Fashion Show.
It is run by our hard working Auxiliary.
A lot of hours go in to making this the success that it is.

Residents were greeters..

Our "go to" guy for fundraising and our executive director.


Fifty one Gift Baskets were raffled off.

There were male and female models (comedians).
Residents and associates participated.

Chicken, red potatoes, green beans
 and a Chocolate Mousse dessert were served.

 Always a lot of fun...
Thanks everyone. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


 This past weekend was beautiful.
I took advantage of the weather to do a little gardening 
and took stock of what had survived the winter.




More Pieris


Weeping Cherry Blossoms..



Gerber Daisies...
Cheating, I bought them at the grocery store.

And of course..DANDELIONS !!

I hope you don't have too many of these in your yard.


May you have a weed free week..

Friday, April 17, 2015


 Squirrel activity has been crazy lately 
 judging by their behavior, it's mating season.

Double trouble..

How lazy can one be??

The next day this block of seed had miraculously walked off,
nowhere to be found.
I wonder where they hung it.
Have a wonderful weekend..

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 I was fooling around with Pic Monkey
using the tulips my sister gave me for Easter. 

Speaking of Easter..
I forgot to put this picture in my Easter post.
If you've never had farm fresh eggs you are truly missing out.
The taste is so much better and the yolks are bright yellow.
No dye needed..they come ready for your Easter basket.

I added a leftover bird feeder picture of which there are many.

These took several days to open..
Love the color.

 More playing..with the "Panorama" feature. 
(from my font porch)

The width of my house ...

I need a little practice with this one..