Monday, May 4, 2015


The recent long awaited change in weather
 has inspired the buds to burst forth...finally.

A little bit more each day...

The Finches are anxiously awaiting their treats..
Every year they strip this tree bare . 

 The blossoms aren't even in full bloom yet
 and they are being picked off.

 I assume there is nectar in the flowers that they suck out
before they drop the flower on the ground.

Even the yellow Finches are guilty.

Pick out a juicy one...

This is how it all ends up at least for a few days.

Loaded with bees competing with the birds for nectar.

Soon (too soon) all the flowers will be on the ground 
thanks to the birds.
Actually, the rain destroyed them.
 We had a lovely tree for only two days.


Lynne said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the glowering trees kept their blossom glow more than a couple days. Flowering dogwoods burst out around here this weekend . . .

Marie C said...

Just wonderful! Love that amazing tree, and love the birds it attracts as well as the bees. Such a joy for springtime!