Monday, August 31, 2015


Since a Pennsylvania team has won  this series.

They did it in front of a record 45,000 + crowd.


The pitching was phenomenal by all teams.
It's hard to believe that these kids are just twelve years old.
The sportsmanship and mutual support was the best.
There were several heroes but they all deserve
 a well earned round of applause.

The pitcher Cole Wagner is probably already breaking hearts.
What a cutie !

Sunday they played Japan ( 3 times world champs) for 
the World  Championship...
and lost 18-11
After the first inning it was looking good.
We were ahead 10-1 but only scored one run after that.
Still, they should be proud.
US Champs is nothing to sneeze at. 

Friday, August 28, 2015


Little Mackenzie... 

The newest addition to the family...
just precious. 
Less than a week old.


 She must be dreaming about fairies, puppies and kittens.
Such a content little face.

Today she came for a visit...2 weeks old
We had four generations here..How nice is that? 
Mom, grammie and Aunt Amanda.

and me!

Could she be any cuter??

Leg warmers from a family friend..All ready for Santa.

It has been a busy week in this house...
I had my sisters dog for three days....
Never a dull moment.

The kitchen got a little crowded when it was feeding time...

 My brother in law aka
"Mr anything wood"
made me some letters for my kitchen.

 Have  a wonderful weekend.
I'm going to rest up and clean up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


 Until now,
I have been unsuccessful in my attempt to photograph a butterfly.

It's a start !!!


My sister found this birds nest .
It's small but too big for a hummingbird??
Any thoughts?

 Skies are beginning to look a bit fall like..not the temps though.

Enjoy your day!

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Monday, August 24, 2015


These hot, humid days don't give us much incentive
to get moving. 

These two are a prime example 
lying here in the air conditioned sunlight.

Most of last week was  in the 90's...
At least we finally got a little rain 
but are headed into another dry spell with lower temps..Yay!
Mornings have been beautiful....Have a happy week.


Friday, August 21, 2015


 Peaches !!
My favorite fruit..Sweet, juicy and so yummy.
A friend got them at a local orchard and shared with me.

 Another friend has tomatoes..mine aren't ripe yet.
There is nothing better than a summer tomato.

 Cucumbers as well..Burpless yet !

I must apologize..
I ate the corn before I thought about pictures.
Oh so sweet...
Oops, more mysteriously appeared. Local, of course.

If you only want to cook one or two ears of corn...
Cut off the stem at the last row of kernels.
Wrap the whole thing in a wet paper towel.
Microwave it for two minutes.
The silk and husk will just slide off mostly all in one piece.
Easy, peasy...


 We can't forget the flowers.. 
They have been gorgeous this summer.

Enjoy your weekend.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We are about to undergo some major renovations to our "community room" wing.
It's phase one of three phases.
It will house a state of the art auditorium.
The wing that is visible in this photo will be totally renovated.
It looks like the final permits have been approved.
The arrival of a dumpster, porta potties and a construction trailer 
are a pretty good sign.
I'll keep you posted over the next year.

Monday, August 17, 2015


This past weekend we held our annual....


 There were peaches (of course), peach sundaes, peach pie
 and all things peaches.
We also had barbeque, soup and baked goods for sale
 and games for the kids.

There were greeters....

 Lots of worker bees....

Local peaches, nectarines and corn for sale..

 There seemed to be a nonstop line of visitors coming in...
We may have run out of peach pie !

Of course there was entertainment as well.

 As far as I could tell,
it was a very succesful  day.

Friday, August 14, 2015


 The bushes (Red Twig Dogwoods) on either side of the tree
are outgrowing their space and have to be continually pruned so they don't cover the window.
SO...they are going to a new home....
Someone elses. 
I think they  have moved to one of the retention ponds 
on the West Side.

They are gone now and the two shrubs on the right
 were placed in to their holes..
A Crape Myrtle and a Flowering Almond
I pulled the daises out as well..
They have been on the ground since an early summer storm.
I replaced them with a variety that only gets two feet tall..

Looks like there is work to be done.


With a little....lot of help from my friend...


 Thanks MB !
Much, much better.

Since I took this picture, 
I have added a butterfly flower and a couple of Liriope.
 I added these out front this AM....
Now I just have to keep up with the watering..
We have had very little rain
 and it's going to get hot again this weekend.

Have a marvelous weekend..