Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This is an old picture but the story continues.....

 I was out in my garden this AM and had Mollie tied to my hose holder.
I heard this frantic digging going on next to this downspout.
History told me that there was a chipmunk in there.

I was standing against the downspout and could feel the "chippie" frantically scurrying trying to get up the downspout..
He was about shoulder level.

"Hey, you looking for me?"

She sticks her nose up every downspout we pass.
Someday there will be a "Chippie" attached to it.

Monday, September 28, 2015


This is late September and all the structure has been removed 
as well as the concrete slab.
The concrete is being broken up and will be used in the new slab.

This is a picture of the new Community room.
Next come footers and a new foundation followed by steel.
Unhappily, they are cutting down some rather old trees.

There is a time capsule buried very close to the construction area.
It was buried in 1997 and is to be opened in 2022.

Will I be around to see it??
If so, you'll get pictures.

Friday, September 25, 2015


 It has been awhile since I visited my friends at 
Bee Haven Acres.
No time like the present!

On My way in, I passed the garden which is in fall mode.
Just a few leftover veggies waiting to be harvested.

 I stopped to give Mary Ann and Ginger a scratch.
They were not at all happy that I had no Ritz crackers to offer.

 They must have passed the word on to Faith, Hope and Gracie.
They didn't come running.

Up at the house you could see that decorating for fall had begun.

After a few craft projects and a little lunch, we set out on the gator
to do some farm chores and take some pictures.
You can guess which one of those occupied my time.
First to the pond to feed the fish and the ducks.
 If you look closely, you can see a large white fish 
in the center of the picture.
The water is a little murky from feeding activity.


Then to the barn to feed the equines...
Red was patiently waiting..

 As was Moonbeam..always posing.

Tom Tom was doing what barn cats do..


 "Oakie" was soaking up some sun.

 Annie was looking for trouble...

 And she found it with Sam.

 Ollie and Red waiting for their hay flakes.

 Interesting clusters of mushrooms ?
I was unable to identify them..they have a common base.

The next "chore" was cleaning the pasture.
There are a lots of clusters of these Daisies growing wild.

 This is the cleanest pasture you will ever see.

Off to the compost pile .....
I took some home for my garden.
In the "pumpkin patch" the zinnias were still beautiful. 


The hens and guineas were taking their afternoon dust baths.


Back to the house to drop off my "compost" 
and pick up some egg cartons.
Eggs were collected, goats were fed and afternoon 
chores were done!!! 
Whew!!! I worked hard..
Fun day!!  

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


These past two weeks we have been "blessed" to have
our grounds maintenance company's "Arborists" here. 
This tree really doesn't look like this with the naked eye.
They cut some branches that were hanging over the house and left a dead branch on the other side. 

If I were to do It (Ha)..
I would cut off its Mickey Mouse ears. 

This Maple has been totally thinned out.
Looks a little better each time I see it.

They "limbed up" the pines that line the side of our property 
along the cornfield.....Looks better, I think.

They may may not have the shelter 
from the wind and blowing snow that they once had..

I love this tree that I see from my kitchen window..
It is very gnarly and has a lot of character.

This Oak is across the street.
The couple that live there threatened to tie themselves to the tree if they even thought about  cutting it down.
They are cutting down a lot of trees.

It got a much needed cleaning up..

 We live in an area where all of our trees are at least 50 years old and in need of pruning if not removal..
Lots of dead wood around here. 

My tree

They snuck up on me..used a pole cutter instead of a chain saw.

My other tree..
I didn't know they were doing this one,
 so no "before" pics.
They took a lot out of it but it looks good..

Bye, bye branches...

Done for another year, I hope.....


Monday, September 21, 2015


I recently purchased this Lantana 
to fill in some sad looking annuals.

The bees were very happy.

 I just have to share this picture of the local radar
 one recent morning. 
We were to have a much needed all day rain that was to have started during the night.
I checked it before I took Mollie out so we could be prepared.

I often say that we have an umbrella over us..Here's proof.

We did finally have a nice rain that lasted about six hours.
We could use more..that was three weeks ago.

Friday, September 18, 2015



Yesterday morning was one of those "marathon" mornings.
Up at seven to get Mollie walked, fed and to the groomers by nine.
I had made arrangements before hand to have Max shaved and I was going to take him when I went back to pick up Mollie.

When I got there I was asked to go back and get Max.
It takes three of us to hold him down 
and her helper was leaving early. 
She started Mollie til I got back.


This is "Max fur".
I really think there was more last time. 
He was getting matted again so I had no choice.
I truly think he feels better short.
Mollie watched the whole procedure and wouldn't leave him alone once we got home.

Max and I had to wait for Mollie to be finished.
So much for the three errands that I was going to run
 between times.

"You're not getting me in that thing again , Mom."

I think we all go to the vets next month..$$$$

"Next time give me a chance to go potty first."

Back home on the back of my favorite chair 
 looking out my favorite window.

" I didn't have much fun this morning. How about you?"
(He actually was a lot better this time than last. )


I'm going to have to get used to this look again..Not fond of it.


 Recognize this??? I don't..Very sad.

"Does that mean I'm the prettiest , Mom???
I love that arrow on her chest.

We are all glad that's over for now !!!
He is a much happier cat!!! 
( he never looks happy)