Monday, September 14, 2015


Adjacent to our property is the community ball field where I walk Mollie each morning.
Saturday mornings it is a gathering place for various dogs that come for training.

Much too hot for school today.
There is no shade in that immediate area.


I watched them for a bit...
Looks like a lot of lying around to me.


??Learning to heel??


"Are you going to make me go to school Mom?"
"No Mollie, you're already too smart for your own good."

Max "Sometimes I have to wonder about that."


Stewart M said...

That is an unimpressed cat!

I was out for a walk on Sunday - with no camera (mistake!) - when I came upon a group training Old English Sheepdogs - it looked great!!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Susie said...

Missy, I love that Mollie is so smart. I am glad that people are training their dogs. It did seem too hot, they wanted to just lay in the grass to be cool. Love the look on Maxx's face. :):) Bless you, xoxo,Susie

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, I remember taking my old yellow lab for obedience lessons. She almost got kicked out for being disruptive in the class, lol. Your Mollie and Max are adorable. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

Diane said...

Good way to socialize your pup. Miss R could stand some of that. Have a nice Monday!

Kelly said...

I bet those dogs are fun to watch (if they're actually doing commands). LOL! I'm sure Mollie finds them amusing.

Beth from VA, . . ."E" said...

i have heard that training dogs is a big business. i see lots of dog walking & cleaning services for them. i guess you have to make your money some how, right?! ( :

Lynne said...

Mollie has had all that leash training years ago . . . right??
And socially, I think she has that "down pat!"