Friday, September 18, 2015



Yesterday morning was one of those "marathon" mornings.
Up at seven to get Mollie walked, fed and to the groomers by nine.
I had made arrangements before hand to have Max shaved and I was going to take him when I went back to pick up Mollie.

When I got there I was asked to go back and get Max.
It takes three of us to hold him down 
and her helper was leaving early. 
She started Mollie til I got back.


This is "Max fur".
I really think there was more last time. 
He was getting matted again so I had no choice.
I truly think he feels better short.
Mollie watched the whole procedure and wouldn't leave him alone once we got home.

Max and I had to wait for Mollie to be finished.
So much for the three errands that I was going to run
 between times.

"You're not getting me in that thing again , Mom."

I think we all go to the vets next month..$$$$

"Next time give me a chance to go potty first."

Back home on the back of my favorite chair 
 looking out my favorite window.

" I didn't have much fun this morning. How about you?"
(He actually was a lot better this time than last. )


I'm going to have to get used to this look again..Not fond of it.


 Recognize this??? I don't..Very sad.

"Does that mean I'm the prettiest , Mom???
I love that arrow on her chest.

We are all glad that's over for now !!!
He is a much happier cat!!! 
( he never looks happy)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, the indignity of it all! But it's for their own good.

Lynne said...

Whew . . . lots of hair, (or fur?).
Bet Max is feeling cooler!

Junebug said...

Every morning I start out trying to post. I'm working on this dang program so I'm hoping for luck this morning. Poor Max, he doesn't look please. Hopefully a couple days and he will think haircuts are fine. Yes, Molly you are the pretty one!! Hope things are going great for you!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Missy! both of your fur-babies are looking cute after their grooming and cuts. I like the arrow on Mollie, she is adorable. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Diane said...

I know what you mean about $$$!!! Getting cats in their carriers can be a challenge. My last one wasn't too bad, but I did have to be very casual/sneaky about it.

Susie said...

Missy, Don't you wish animals could talk some times....then again maybe not. LOL. Their faces cracked me up. I always think pets feel much better after grooming. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

Stewart M said...

Thats is a very grumpy looking cat! I like him!

The amount of cat will Mr. Hudson leaves around my house I think he has self shearing fur!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Pepper Medley said...

We have never had a pet that requires haircuts, but I could sure use one! I love that arrow on the chest too! Very cute and unique. XOX

Saimi said...

You are a brave one! Man shaving a cat Whew! I'm sure he feels much better - those are lucky pets to have such a caring mama

Kelly said...

I'm so glad that I don't have to take my dog to the groomer since he is short haired. I wash him in the tub with a shower sprayer and dry him off and he's good! Boston Terrier's are low maintenance in that department. My mom has to take her dog and said it gets expensive.

Lynne said...

All "purdy" once again . . .
I don't go for painted toe nails though!!!