Monday, October 5, 2015


Fall has finally come bringing much needed rain.
Before the rain arrived , 
I did a little fall decorating.

My garden has had a lot of "tweaking" lately and I'm anxious to see what it will look like when it "grows up".
(Then I'll be busy thinning and dividing).

This Winterberry is doing exactly what I want it to do.
(With a little "snip" now and then.)

It will be lovely when it gets taller.

My tomatoes are nearing the end of their season....

as are the perennials.

Another Winterberry....
It is necessary to have a male and female of these
 in the area to produce berries.

Fall is my favorite time of year.
Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cooler temperatures,
 pretty colors, falling leaves,  fewer bugs!!!...I could go on and on.
Have a wonderful week.


Diane said...

Pretty pictures! Fall is nice. I just wish it wasn't followed by winter!

NanaDiana said...

It all looks so nice, Missy! I love winter berry plants but have never had one. You are going to have a lot of fun watching everything spring to life next year. xo Diana

Lynne said...

Lovely . . .everything looks perfect in their place!
I think I need some Winter Berry . . . ( remind me next spring)
(I left a comment from FB but it looks like it didn't post. So I hope this works!)

Pepper Medley said...

You have such a great looking house! Our tomatoes are pretty much done as well. My husband picked about half a dozen yesterday, and there are some on the vine, but not sure they are going to ripen. Sunshine here today!! Love it!

Beth from VA, . . ."E" said...

you have such amazing gardens. well cared for ... Mollie looks cute too. did you have lots of rain .. i will have to look back & see. we have ... so much ... lot of clean up now. have a nice week. ( :

Cranberry Morning said...

That winterberry is just beautiful! Everything looks pretty neat and tidy to me. I was trimming raspberries and pulling up this year's tomato plants today. Clean up is such a job! Hoping you're having a lovely fall - and that it lasts a long time until winter.

Kelly said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too! I love the cooler, less humid weather. You have quite a bit still blooming in your garden. Our tomatoes stopped producing a while back. We were a bit disappointed with them too. They weren't very big. It's nice to get to see a full shot of your house and yard. I really like how you did your side yard area.

David Gascoigne said...

Try to plant as many native species as you can. They are attractive to wildlife, withstand the variables of climate better and you will be rewarded with more birds and butterflies.