Wednesday, December 30, 2015


and happily so....

Bev knitted this hood for me 
which I have already worn several times.
(We had a couple of days around freezing 
before we got back up to the 60's. Crazy weather.)
It matches the coat I wear when I walk Mollie
 and keeps my head and ears toasty..
Three is a cute little pompom in the back.
Thanks Bev..

Her Mom knitted this pretty scarf which has little owls
with  "beady" eyes along its edge.
Adorable..Thanks Liz.

Hand made things are very special.
Thank you both.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas Eve was spent with  Ann and Joe.
(sister and hubs)


A lot of time was spent opening gifts from Santa
who was good to all of us.
Mollie and Jazz received their toys.


Joes wood shop creation this year was an ornament
that was painstakingly painted on the inside..very cute.
He also gave me an hor'dourve plate 
that was made from very old walnut..just gorgeous..

Joe loves elephants and each year
one seems to find it's way
 under the tree.


The table was looking very festive.

What does one feed an elephant....?

Another Christmas has come to an end.
I hope yours was a safe, healthy and happy one 
spent with friends and family. 

Friday, December 25, 2015


 Normally my first picture of a farm visit is Moonbeam...
not this time.

Christmas at the farm came a week early this year and the weather 
made it feel like the twenties but no snow.

This room is always welcoming and cozy.


We have outgrown this table so there was a childrens table.

Nobody went hungry...
Bev spent days cooking and baking for which we are most grateful.

The perfect hostess...

 There were lots of games for all to play.
If one wanted to sit, you had to move a dog.

Sammy can sleep anywhere and often does.

Amanda loves her pups...

Sammy trying to find a lap to lie on...seriously !

Jenn, Brian and Tyler reading about Dinosaurs.

The newest addition to the family and her Mom...

 "Is it OK if I take these socks off, Mom?

"No? Well, I'm gonna do it anyway. See ?"
She's such a cutie..

Snack time....

Game time...

Picture time....Dueling cameras.

(my picture was taken by Bev)

A good time was had by everyone...four generations!

Thanks to Bev and "Hubs" for hosting a perfect day.
Merry Christmas to all !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Mollie's enthusiasm about Christmas is a little overwhelming.


She just can't contain herself.

Don't let her demeanor fool you..
She's a veritable party animal who wishes you the merriest of Christmases  and the very best in 2016.

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Monday, December 21, 2015


We have two nurseries nearby and last week 
I took you to the smaller and more expensive of the two.
This one, larger of the two has 3 floors
 and a large outdoor area as well.

The other one does not sell artificial trees
 except maybe small tabletop ones.
These are very expensive but also very nice.

They have a nice selection of orchids..

Tons of Poinsettias..

and the other usual Christmas flora.

The lower level houses grills and high end porch furniture.
I think I may have misspoken about the other nursery 
being more expensive.
I guess that only hold true with their plants and shrubs.

This is the brick ramp leading up to the main level.

More porch furniture..

and clothing!!
Both "garden centers" have clothes now
 and it's pretty much the same style.

 The top level contains decorated trees , lights, balls
 and lots of decorating ideas.

Most of these trees were accompanied by more furniture
and baskets of the ornaments that were used to decorate the trees.
You could also buy the trees already decorated if you happened to have won the lottery that week.

When it's not the Christmas season,
this level is used for patio furniture and patio umbrellas.
There is a huge outdoor area that contains pots, water fountains and bird baths.
There is also a pond department that sells pond equipment
and all things necessary to construct a pond including the fish to put in it.. 
Spending time in a place like this will definitely
 put you in the Christmas spirit.