Wednesday, December 9, 2015


My family is full of animal lovers so this could be a long post.
This is Sammie( Samantha) and  Penny (Penelope).
Penny had a short life due to Coon Hounds disease.
Sammie was almost thirteen and my big baby..I still miss her.
Here they are, as pups, trying their "going down the stairs" skills.

This is Erin who "replaced" Penny eventually.
I know that one cannot possibly replace a pet but we always had to have two and were of the misconception 
that the remaining pet had to have company.
Whenever Erin lay down next to Sammie,
she would get up and move.

After Sammie died came Abbie.
She was a rescue and very tiny. Her litter had been dropped off at the Humane Society and she was the last to go.
She was never crazy about Erin but there was room for both.

Erin died of old age at 15 and then came Max..
Abbie needed company? Abbie never cozied up to Erin or Max.
Max was also a rescue and a Maine Coon to boot.
He's a wonderful cat..very much like a dog.

I think his brow makes him look a little annoyed 
but he's a sweetie and just passed his 15th birthday.

Abbie also died of old age..15ish..probably renal failure.
Then I got Mollie (dog) who terrorizes poor Max regularly
but he gives it back to her and sometimes initiates it.
Today I have Mollie (7) and Max (15).
Those of you who follow my blog 
are well acquainted with both of them.

This is one of my favorite puppy pictures of Mollie..
Her first Christmas, 4 months old..look at those eyelashes!

Of course we have to have cousins..lots of cousins.
Sadie was a Bernese Mountain Dog and had a very
select group of friends..dogs and humans alike.
Beautiful and very loving. 
Sadie went to doggie heaven at a fairly young age.

Then came cousin Maddie..a beloved, nurturing Newfie. 
Such a sweet personality with never a bad word (woof) for anyone.
She was a gentle giant who mothered all of her animal friends.

 Hickory came to the farm to live out her golden years.

 Hickory has joined Sammie, Penny, Sadie and Maddie in doggie heaven. I imagine them  having lots of play dates and romping around the heavens together..

Cousins, Annie, Sam and Oakie keep everything under control at the farm when they aren't getting into mischief of their own.

Max has lots of kitty cousins...
Ella Bella, Bobby, Moll Flanders, Tom Tom and Leo.
Charlie Brown and Lucy preceded them..(no pictures).

The other side of the family had it's passing's as well.
Little Max, my sisters Sheltie .

another of my sisters dogs..

There was Pumpernickel as well
but I have no pictures of him.
Max, Phineas and Pumpernickel are also in doggy heaven.

Cousin Jasmine aka "Jazz" is a frequent visitor.

 She stops in to share Mollies bones 
after which Mollie takes her for a walk.

This is another "Sam"...another doggie cousin.
Sam has the duty of taking care of new arrival "Mac".

This is a long post and wasn't easy to write.
All of these animals were/are dearly loved and a contributing part of their households.
We miss each and every one of them...They will never be forgotten.
Our lives are richer for having had them.

I had to throw this one in to lighten the mood a bit...

sorry...I don't know where I found it..FB?


Mildred said...

You have had a lot of animals/pets in your life. All of the photos are precious. Each pet is so unique and loved in a way like no other...we can't replace them but we have the memories to treasure and the new ones that come along have their own special personalities, too!
We lost our dog and one cat this year. Kaboodle, my oldest cat, is in very poor health presently. That will leave us with 4 rescue cats.
I'm not sure I could live without pets in our home! They keep it lively! lol

Jody in Georgia said...

This is one of my favorite posts. Our family loves animals, too. I lost two of my furkids within 3 weeks of each other putting my cat population down to 3. However, son Jon found a stay 6 week old kitten shortly after and she is helping me get over my grief. I had forgotten how active a kitten is! Jon lives with me and he has 3 big dogs, so that makes this a very active and happy household.

Kelly said...

I've always had pets in my life too. It would be a boring life without them, wouldn't it?! I didn't realize that your cat Max is already 15. I've heard that cats can sometimes live longer than dogs. My dog Max just turned 11 last Sunday. We love him having birthdays but I must admit it makes me nervous with each one. I know he's approaching old age and it hurts to think about it!

Kelly Deal said...

Such a wonderful post Missy. I loved the photos. It brought tears to my eyes remembering past fur friends. My family always had animals around. That's probably why I love animals so much. It's the saddest day in the world when a faithful animal friend passes. I'm still having a hard time dealing with Annie the Pekingese passing almost 2 years ago. I still think about her everyday......