Friday, January 30, 2015


Lately, there has been an influx of Cardinals at my feeders.

They brought their little Wren friend along.

Outside of my dining room window and next to my kitchen window,
there is a weeping cherry tree that has become a big attraction
 for lots of birds that perch there
 while waiting for their turn at the feeders.

I usually have my camera handy !!
Hope you enjoy your weekend..

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 Happy Birthday Max !!

Max was a rescue and thought to be about two years old.
My vet said "where did you get him, he's a Maine Coon !"
He has their characteristics  ..
Large bone structure and rectangular body shape, broad chest.
They are known for their intelligence and gentle personality.
Maine Coons are the largest of the domestic breeds.

He's quiet, never, ever meows.
He almost always has this scowl on his face..
I think it's the slant of his eyes.

They are very dog like..he runs to greet me when I come home.
When I sit, he's right there beside me or on my lap.
See what I mean??

He's a dear and my best buddy..very devoted.
He has grown most of his fur back since his recent shaving.

"Yup Mom, I'm handsome again."
This is one of my favorite pictures.
When he was young, 
he would jump from the kitchen counters up to the top 
of the cabinets ..
We had high ceilings then so those cabinets were pretty high!
"Can't get me now."

I sure hope he has lots more birthdays.

Monday, January 26, 2015


 This was the view from my bedroom window Saturday morning.
The forcast was for 3-5 inches starting at seven Friday night and ending at one Saturday afternoon.
It started at eleven Friday night and it was over at eight Sat AM.
It's one PM Saturday and the sun is out!

It's above freezing and was mixed with some rain,
 making it heavy for shoveling  but beautiful on the trees.
Fortunately, I don't have to shovel it.
The roads were done already 
when we went out for our morning walk.
There were about four inches of wet snow as evidenced by the 
packing done by the plows.
Good snowman snow!

From my kitchen window...

Mollie and I were out "romping" in the snow 
for about an hour and a half..

She was "romping", I was taking pictures.

 I went back to the house after our regular walk to get the camera.
I was afraid if I waited until the afternoon, 
the snow would be off the trees. I was right.

It was falling on us already as we walked under them .

The cornfield that borders our neighborhood has become a meeting place for the Canada Geese.
The next picture is only one third of their expanse.
I need a wide angle lens to get them all.
They've been here for several weeks and are so noisy.
I'm glad my cottage doesn't back up to the cornfield. 

 I hope I'm not standing under them when they decide to leave.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 23, 2015


 I just happened to be at my kitchen window 
when this pair of Bluebirds stopped by for a visit.
Lucky Me !!

They stayed long enough for me to get lots of pictures.
Lucky you.

You know how at times like this you take lots of pictures
hoping you'll get just one good one?

I guess you're just going to have to look at all but three.

Note to self  "Wash your kitchen window."

Aren't they just gorgeous?
They made my day. 

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 Several weeks ago I published a post with a "missing video".
I was "cleaning" out my picture files and there it was.
It had been deleted from U Tube but I still had it.
And you'll be so glad I did !

 Max is the consummate little helper 
when it comes to making the bed.

Now we all know why it takes so long and why there may be
kitty litter between the sheets.
Took you long enough!!


Monday, January 19, 2015


Pennsylvania recently held its 99th annual Farm Show.
If we have bad weather during this week,
we blame it on the Farm Show, not that it's the middle of January !
This is a diagram of the Farm Show venue.
You can see the Food Court on the right 
where we all headed at 10:30 in the morning to 
"avoid the long lines later."

This is just a sample of one days activities.
The show runs for a week
 and is attended by an estimated million people.

Funnel cake and Milkshakes for breakfast.
There is NOTHING healthy here but it's all "to die for"... literally.
The milkshakes and Baked Potatoes are raved about far and wide.
The local newscasters are always begging their counterparts, 
who are there covering the show, 
to bring them back to the station for them.
You see people leaving the complex with 6-8 milkshakes.

These are our State Troopers. They were all over the place.
Where there is food, there are policemen.
We bought some Potato Donuts to take home. 
One of them said, "Hey, that's police food !"
Why do you suppose they have that reputation?

Here they are mounted and ready to perform.
There were many uniforms present..
All the military services were represented.

I wanted to see the Draft Horses but they were in "lock down" getting ready for an exhibition.
We had to settle for..

Matching pairs in the Draft Horse Pleasure Show.
That's as close as I could get to them. 
The pair on the right got the Blue Ribbon.

I was really feeling badly for the cows.
Hundreds of them tied with a two foot lead.
All they could do was stand up and lie down.

Big Bunnies..

This was cute..
The food lured them up the ramp and they would slide down the other side.
The one on the far right at the bottom is trying to get up the wrong side..He wasn't giving up either.

This Mallard is huge!!
Blue ribbon huge.

I can't say I enjoyed this..poor things
They look like they aren't going to make it 
but once they dry off and fluff up, they're OK..
They're in an incubator .
 We see them pecking their way out of the egg to begin a new life.

The famous butter sculpture..
Do you think all that butter goes to waste?
(pardon the reflection in the glass..unavoidable)

Being a "Farm Show",
we can't forget the Agriculture.
Here are some blue ribbon winners.

Even the biggest Potato has its award..

even though we walked the entire length of these  buildings twice, we missed the sheep, pigs  and goats.
There are lots of detours one can take and I know we didn't see it all. 
We only had a couple of hours and it would take much longer to see everything. My legs wouldn't have made it.

There were stands selling farm/animal related goods.

This horse was at one of the stands
 and belonged to one of the salesmen.
Doesn't he look happy ?

Being an animal lover, 
I'm not fond of what these poor animals have to go through
 this week even though they are very well cared for 24/7.
They need to be out, grazing, running free 
and enjoying this beautiful sunset.

I hope you are !!

Sorry this was so long but it's a big show....

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