Monday, June 29, 2015


I looked out of my kitchen window one morning and saw several pairs of Cardinals wandering through the grass.

I thought this to be pretty unusual.

They mowed yesterday.
 Did they stir up something that would attract a Cardinal ?

Until I saw these pictures,
 I didn't realize that there were violets in the grass.
I should have known, they are all over the neighborhood.

Could they be after the nectar?

Friday, June 26, 2015


The long awaited day is finally here...
All the T's have been crossed and the I's dotted.
The brides Aunt gave gifted them with  
these gorgeous Belgium Draft Horses and wagon for their day.

Here come the girls..

 The boys are "patiently" waiting.

The start of a new beginning...

The vows...
They were married by a friend of the grooms.
Amanda's twin brother and a friend of the grooms spoke.

The bride changed in to her "muck boots" and together they planted an Ornamental Plum to commemorate the day.
Amanda was taking too much time so Tim
dumped the bucket..What a man !!

 During the ceremony and throughout the day an overhead drone was taking pictures.
( A new toy belonging to the father of the bride).

The brides step mom and my stepdaughter
 (the hostess with the mostess) 
giving some last minute direction.

The grooms  and brides Moms.

Formal pictures were taken...

Let the games begin...

There was an amazing magician who roamed thru the guests..

Lot's of food and drink!!

Words of wisdom..


Good wishes from good friends...

The bridesmaids dresses were made from vintage sheets.
I had a set with the purple and pink tulips.
There are so many little details and more pictures but I fear this post would go on forever..
 Happy life to both of you, Tim and Amanda !!!

I left at 7PM with the threat of bad weather and a doggie at home.
This had been an all day affair and still had hours to go.
I'm so grateful to have been included. 

Show and tell Friday

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


 The local John Deere Dealership
 donated the use of some of transport vehicles.
They came in handy 
bringing people to and from their cars and the house.

Father and Daughter


Bridesmaids and Groomsmen


The turkeys were confined for the day..No free roaming for them.

The dogs were very much a part of it all !!

This held off until rehearsal was over and only lasted a short time.


The grooms parents hosted a lovely rehearsal dinner
 at one of our downtown restaurants.

Then it was time for bed to get rested up for the big day.

The wedding will be in Friday's post...
Y'all come back, ya hear !!

Monday, June 22, 2015


This past weekend was spent attending
a truly fairytale wedding that was held at
Bee Haven Acres.
Having taken over 180 pictures,
I thought I would divide this weeks posts in to three parts.
The Venue, The Rehearsal,and The Wedding.

The gazebo was decorated with lights and teardrop crystals.

I believe there were 250 guests invited.

In the tent things were getting ready for the final touches.
This cart will hold  the desserts...whoopee pies, cupcakes and a small wedding cake.

Bev has been working her fingers to the bone
 and her mind has been in overdrive for the past year
 in preparation for this day.
The centerpieces are all home grown
 and will be a prize for some lucky guest.

Also "homegrown" were the wristlets and lapel pins for the wedding party and Moms and Dads.
You can see the baskets full of rose petals for the grandmothers to sprinkle in the brides path.

The riding arena is ready for Volley Ball, Soccer and Badminton.

There were lots of outdoor activities including
A Tug of War and  an Egg Toss.

Stop by again on Wed for the Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

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Friday, June 19, 2015


I got out my old Samsung point and shoot the other day just to charge the batteries..

There were some old pictures on it..
Nowhere near the quality of my Cannon SX50HS..

I hope there is some quality in your day
Have a happy weekend.
Mine will be busy with wedding activities.
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