Friday, January 29, 2016


Sir Max is Sixteen !!!!
He's the best...loving, faithful, attentive and so handsome.

He shares his days with his "buddy" Mollie.
They "play" .

They watch for things going on outside...

and play....

and watch...

If I want something, I usually find him on top of it.

Then there are the little games he plays by himself 
with imaginary mice or birdies..I don't know what he sees.
I was rotating the cushions on the couch 
and he was in every corner.

He spends lots of time relaxing....

Sometimes he has company..

When all of that fur gets matted , he needs to be shaved.
Neither one of us like that but he's much happier afterward.

He has been my constant companion , a good buddy.
A best friend of sorts...

Happy Birthday sweet boy...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Off we go for our morning walk.

For some reason, 
this snowfall doesn't seem as pretty as others to me.
Maybe it's just too much.

The sky is very blue...reflecting against the snow.

I hope these roofs can withstand the weight of this snow.

The trees have gotten shorter..


The deer and fox run through this area regularly.

Looking down my street..

My house...

Saturday night they did an "in case of emergency" plowing..
Sunday they refined their efforts.


I hope that this is it for awhile!!!

Through all this, we had beautiful moonlit nights.


Monday, January 25, 2016


 The calm before the storm.

It began around four o'clock  on Friday and lasted 24 hours.
This is the first morning during the storm.

These stakes will be barely visible as will the mailboxes.

This is my path from the side garage door to the driveway.
We had this much accumulation over night.
It was very light and powdery....easy to shovel.
Eight more hours to go.

Mollies early walk was under the eaves...

This is how it looked by lunchtime.



My sisters house down the street..


The feeders are always busy....

 Glad I don't have to dig this out...
Look where the side view mirror is

 It stopped around six..set a record.....30+ inches
To be continued..

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Friday, January 22, 2016


Silly squirrel !!!
That suet says "FOR WOODPECKERS."

Either he can't read or he just doesn't care.

I'll bet on the latter....
I guess I should get the  hot stuff next time. 

The Woodpecker got leftovers..

Out front washing up in the BIRD bath..

"May as well get a little drink while I'm here."


My front yard thinks we've had enough more day ?

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