Monday, February 15, 2016


Mollie and I love our winter walks
but neither of us is thrilled with getting ready to go. 
At least 7 items of clothing for me and a bottle of water....
That's only outer clothing.
3 items for her 
and maybe an application of Mushers Secret for her paws.

Then we are finally ready to go walk on snow piles.


This is an old picture but the look is pretty much the same.
I don't know what I would do without this coat.
I have never been cold in it and I've been out in everything.


 We both prefer winter..Clean, crisp air..NO BUGS !
We stay out a lot longer too.
There is just less fuss in the summer and
it will be here before we know it.
 It's hard to believe that February is half over already.


eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy! I love your sweet Mollie. You do look warm with all clothing on! I like the last shot, I am ready for summer and the beach! Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a great polar parka! And love the lumberjack mitts!

"E." "Beth" Edwards said...

you make me smile. i love fall preferred over winter. but when i get to winter i really think i love spring. i could live without the summer humidity and heat. wondering what we will wake up to tomorrow, this AM, we had snow falling. a chance to sleet tonight. i am hoping it will stay ok & no ice. fingers crossed. that is not fun for folks who have to drive it. not cool. ( :

Diane said...

Winter walks are envigorating for sure. And I like the "no bugs" benefit too.