Friday, April 29, 2016


I usually have Safflower seed in my feeders.
It's less expensive and the squirrels aren't fond of it. 

I thought I'd give the birdies a treat and I bought some
Sunflower Hearts.
It didn't take two days until Sir Squirrel found it.
The white seeds are Safflower.

"Up periscope"


I was sitting in my living room yesterday 
and this bird caught my attention.
I have never seen one around here before..
Pardon the picture quality but I had to be fast!!
It is a Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

 Happy weekend !!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Several days ago , I stripped the bed and did some wash.
Max did a lot of pacing until I made the bed.
After all, 
it was a cloudy day and his sunny spots weren't available.
It was bath time to be followed by a "cat nap"
and he needed "his" bed.

"Ah, much better."

Later that day...
"Whatcha wanna watch , Mom?"

"Yeah, I know...nothing worthwhile on."

What a life !
Can't find the remote?? Check Max first !'

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Friday, April 22, 2016


It has been flirting with us but I think Spring has finally arrived.
If your eyes itch and you are sneezing a bit,
it could be because of the pollen that came with it.
It was windy today so the air was full of it.

Welcome color is appearing as buds are beginning to pop!

There are a lot of nesting crows around this year.
I can't say that I'm too thrilled about that. 

Spring time also brings construction.
There are a lot of the new residents adding sun rooms
 to their cottages..carports too.

I would love to have a sun room but there is an oil pipeline
running thru my backyard with a right of way.
Saves me a lot of money.... 

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Last year, I had my garden extended out a bit.
I guess I didn't have enough to do.

Last weekend I planted the front edge of it.

Those shrubs will grow together.

I found this at the local nursery and thought it was pretty.
It will look like this til frost, stay low and get about three feet wide.
It's deciduous and the branches turn red in the fall.
"Nikko Slender Deutzia"

The evergreen is "Siberian Cyprus".
It gets about four feet wide and stays low as well.
I have several of them out front.

I'm sure I will add a couple of other plants 
but I wanted this look for the border. 

I had some helpers as usual.

Monday and Tues I filled it in a bit..
I'm done UNTIL I see what the perennials do.  
People that know me also know that 

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I hope you are having a good week...

Monday, April 18, 2016


The Mourning Dove is also known as a Turtle Dove or
The Rain Dove.
I sometimes think of it as a pigeon.
They eat seeds which is why I always seem to find them
under my bird feeders. (or in them).

Do you see that small pink spot on its neck beneath its eye?
(more evident in the first picture)
When it turns its head to the right, there is quite a large area
of excoriation.

They are monogamous..slow movers although they can fly at fifty miles an hour once they get going.
They often fall prey to hawks and fox 
and are used as clay pigeons for shooting enthusiasts.
(A practice not far from here that has caused many demonstrations)

I'm pretty sure these are juveniles..

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Have a happy week.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Last week we held our annual spring fashion show.

My brother in law and I were two of the models.
The program had little blurbs about each of us.
There was a bit of misinformation about the two of us.


It seems that Joe has two wives..

You can always count on us for a bit of comic relief.
My sister, Ann...JOES WIFE !!

Joe..waiting his turn to model.

This is me, Anns sister.......NOT JOES WIFE

Models are residents and Associates.
We model clothing from Chico's and Mens Warehouse.

The food was good...
Chicken Marsala, potatoes and green beans.

The centerpieces were donated by a local florist and given to
a person at each table.

50 plus Gift baskets were raffled off made up of donations from local vendors.

It was a fun day!!