Monday, May 9, 2016


 Do you think it's time to mow??
We normally get mowed on Thursdays.
It has been raining for two weeks and it started on a Thursday.
Maybe this week??

Mollie is a Shih tzu...otherwise known as a Chinese Lion Dog
or a Chrysanthemum Dog.
Here she is on the Serengeti playing Lion,
lying in wait for her prey.  
I hope she gets them before they get her.

Have a wonderful week.. 


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Missy! I am picturing Mollie the lion in the tall grass waiting to attack. Cute photo. Our grass needs to be cut too, not sure when that will happen.

Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mighty lion dog!

b"E"th ( : edwards said...

the rain still continues around here ... so so green. we hardly ever mow the lawn ever ...but this year is so different. we have so many trees covering the grass that usually they keep it from too too much sun and extra growth. it is wild. such a cute shot. ( ;

cynthia lee designs said...

She does look like a lion in that tall grass!!

Saimi said...

It may be time to mow but the mighty lion dog may not think so! Cute picture!!

Kelly said...

Too funny! I hate when it rains so much that the grass can't get mowed and it just grows like wild. Just be glad that YOU don't have to mow it! I'm sure your dog is thinking he's not at his normal house with that long grass outside.