Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The birds have to share the feeders with the local riff raff..


If it's not squirrels , it's chipmunks !

 And judging from his position, it's no easy feat.

We have had ten days of  much needed rain...

We needed it ..already behind three inches.
Now it needs to stop so the grass can be mowed..
It has been almost two weeks and with all this rain...Yikes.

I noticed this scene as I was walking past my front door..
Doves resting in the shade of a not so old Maple Tree.
(Excuse the reflection of the storm door) .

Enjoy your week... 
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Monday, June 27, 2016


.....Or he's still around !
Can you see him in the crotch of the tree??

Forgive the picture quality.
They were taken with my cell phone and don't enlarge that well.

Our Albino squirrels.
The talk is that there used to be two.
Albinism is caused by a recessive gene and very rare. 

Have a fun week......

Friday, June 24, 2016


I finally figured it out !

 I was filling my  feeders and the lid came 
off dumping almost half of the full container on the ground.

 It's like Christmas..

Try as they might,
this squirrel wouldn't let anyone in "his"  box..


Do they ever get full?? Where do they put it all??
The chippies left and came back storing their goodies
under the concrete pad that my heat pump compressor sits on.

All this activity certainly got Max's attention.
I thought his twitching tail was going to come off.

 It'd hard to tell from the picture,
but this is a baby squirrel...a baby anything is cute.

Happy weekend...I hope you are doing something fun !

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


This Hydrangea belongs to my sister and her silly husband.
Four years ago, when they decided to move here ,
this plant was loaded with blossoms.
Since then, it was cut to the ground by our "esteemed" ground crew.
Joe cut it the following year and it hasn't bloomed since.
I guess he has gotten tired of hearing me say
"Stop cutting it ..leave it alone".


He added some artificial flowers, telling me the night before ,
that this type of Hydrangea just flowers over night
into full blossoms.

Besides being very talented, ( I won't say in what ),
he has quite an imagination.

Monday, June 20, 2016


This bunny is so considerate.

 Instead of munching on the flowers in my garden,
He is dining on the clover and other weeds along the edge.
A "weeding" bunny !!
(He got my Poppies several weeks ago but they are coming back).

We seem to be over run with rabbits and chipmunks.
There don't seem to be as many hawks around as I have seen in previous years.


I'm happy that he is staying out of my garden.
I must have the right flowers or he has other treats that he prefers.
A groundhog ate all of my Cone flowers..
a big loss of color for my garden.


Translucent, veiny ears...


He looks a little ragged..he's wet.

So content....

Full tummies make for happy bunnies..

Time for a siesta. 

Have a happy week.

Friday, June 17, 2016


There are many residential areas along the creek.
This one is one of the more elegant.

These homes are across the road from the creek.
There were several fly fisherman out today.

Mollie is definitely not a water dog.
She didn't even take a drink...She's picky about her water.
I guess she was more interested in the can.

Interesting tree trunk...Roots ?? I think it was a Beech tree.


Not wild about the pink !

There may have been about twenty of these homes but most 
were blocked by gates or shrubs...

This old estate has been turned in to a venue for wedding receptions and parties.
You can tell that the right side of the building has been added on to.
It is a beautiful setting.....
I have heard mixed reviews  about the food.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The Yellow Breeches creek is a 56 mile long tributary of
 the Susquehanna River.
It is a limestone spring creek loaded with insects and brown trout.
There are also rainbows and brookies that attract fly fisherman from all over.
It's hard not to run across it in your travels in this area.

One of several one lane bridges we (Mollie and I) 
ran across this day.

Someone put vinyl siding on this old barn...

A lot of the countryside that the Yellow Breeches runs through is similar to what is covered in this post..
It flows through the campus of a local college
and several communities some of which will be covered
 in the next post. (Fri)