Friday, July 29, 2016


 Damn !!!
I was looking out of my dining room window last evening
after a brief rain shower.
In my garden, one of my plants was moving.
Upon closer inspection,
I saw fur and two ears that were not those of a rabbit.
I knocked on the window and one of this guys relatives
ran off.
On our walk this morning, I saw this baby 
who was not a bit bothered by our presence.
He probably wasn't the culprit..
He was a half an hour away and much smaller.


It seems that ground hogs like Cone Flowers.
I have five or six plants that are in their third year
 and were gorgeous last year. 
Who knows what they will do this year after such an early pruning. 


I blamed the debudding of my Poppies on the rabbits..
Could have been anything !!

So far, no one seems to like Gardenias.

I ordered two of these Dwarf shrubs on line..
They are hardy but just on the edge of our planting zone.
I hope we don't have bad winters for the next couple of years.
Snow would be OK but long, deep freezes could be a problem.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy them.

Happy August
PS.. 2017 They came back more beautiful than ever.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Or even January.
I know we are not alone but,
that really doesn't help much friends.

 "Feels like 107 !"
(in the shade)
The rain has gone North as it usually does.
These downpours don't soak in but any little bit helps.

 With these Dewpoints it doesn't dry out quite as fast after I water.

The night time lows would be my choice for daytime highs.
How about you?
They are promising a beneficial rain Thurs into Fri.
Guess we'll have to just wait and see.
Please take care of the animals and small children !!
This too shall pass?

 Does this help??
I guess it will be here before we know it...

Monday, July 25, 2016


 I recently moved my one feeder away from the dining room window.
Every time I looked at it, there was a Chipmunk in it
because it was too close to the tree and hanging from a pole that they could climb up...( I thought).
Now it hangs from my pole.
Guess What!!

He's baaaack!
He did what the squirrels do!

He leapt from the brick shelf around my house to the feeder.
Quite a jump for the little fellow..

Apparently, he forgot how he had gotten there.
Once he had had his fill....

He became quite frantic trying to get out of his "cage".

He kept jumping  from the "cage" to the suet holder below and back to the "cage"...

"What is a chippie to do?"

I was beginning to feel quite sorry for him and thought
 maybe I would have to rescue him but he figured it out 
and leaped back to the wall ..(a bit heavier, I might add).

Maybe I should have my  brother in law build him a bridge.


Have a wonderful weekend..stay cool...

Friday, July 22, 2016


Much of our countryside consists of farms and fields.
Or it used to !

I have taken some short cuts
 through the "country" quite often lately
and was amazed to see how many of what used to be
 fields and farmland are now townhouses.
There is a development in the background of this picture.

and this one...

This is still a two lane country road but on a little further it becomes a four lane  intersection with a traffic light.
This is the first's huge.
The second one is on the other side of the intersection.

Besides taking up the farm land,
they didn't even bother to install underground wiring.
Most of the new townhouses are very narrow and tall..
Smaller foot print per family but an increase in population,
traffic and pollution.
The builder gets more money per acre this way as well.

This area covers several miles..I have no idea how many acres.
Some of them include shops on the first floor.
Some call it "progress".... I call it "sad".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Last weekend the family was invited to BHA
for a summer picnic that included fun, games
and lots of good food.
We also got to make our own pizzas.

Yum ! (not mine)

Fresh fruit....

Smoked chicken...(done in the smoker)

A delicious pasta salad that tasted like a BLT !
Many desert choices..

Shuffle board


Hot and tired dogs...

And , of course, drinks...

It was a very hot day so we all ended up in the pool for a very welcome and refreshing afternoon dip.
(for me , it was more like a soak).

The ball is at the very top of the picture..

Mack spent a lot of time in the pool as well.
She will be a year old in several weeks.
She took her first steps last week and has three teeth.

I think she has to grow in to those flip flops...

It was a fun day...
Thanks for being such perfect hosts ... Bev and Jack !