Monday, July 25, 2016


 I recently moved my one feeder away from the dining room window.
Every time I looked at it, there was a Chipmunk in it
because it was too close to the tree and hanging from a pole that they could climb up...( I thought).
Now it hangs from my pole.
Guess What!!

He's baaaack!
He did what the squirrels do!

He leapt from the brick shelf around my house to the feeder.
Quite a jump for the little fellow..

Apparently, he forgot how he had gotten there.
Once he had had his fill....

He became quite frantic trying to get out of his "cage".

He kept jumping  from the "cage" to the suet holder below and back to the "cage"...

"What is a chippie to do?"

I was beginning to feel quite sorry for him and thought
 maybe I would have to rescue him but he figured it out 
and leaped back to the wall ..(a bit heavier, I might add).

Maybe I should have my  brother in law build him a bridge.


Have a wonderful weekend..stay cool...


Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Ha-ha! They are so smart! He'll have the new plan streamlined in no time!

Diane said...

Things are easier to get into than out of, right?

Anonymous said...

build bridges not walls...that's their motto too! Ann

"E.", Beth Edwards , said...

i love the little bridge, so cute!! i think chipmunks are so just so sneaky. they will go to amazing lengths to find food & he (or she) has won the fight. ha. ha!! glad you caught the event. ( :

stay COOL!

Lowcarb team member said...

Amazing how they do work things out ... eventually.
Love the bridge.

All the best Jan

Lynne said...

Look at his cheeks . . .
He has enough stored for weeks . . .
(Well probably not weeks!)
I guess I don't think the chippies are cute any more . . .
I wish we could limit the numbers! Exhausting!

cynthia lee designs said...

What a little stinker!! Sorry...but I had to laugh at those cheeks!!