Friday, July 22, 2016


Much of our countryside consists of farms and fields.
Or it used to !

I have taken some short cuts
 through the "country" quite often lately
and was amazed to see how many of what used to be
 fields and farmland are now townhouses.
There is a development in the background of this picture.

and this one...

This is still a two lane country road but on a little further it becomes a four lane  intersection with a traffic light.
This is the first's huge.
The second one is on the other side of the intersection.

Besides taking up the farm land,
they didn't even bother to install underground wiring.
Most of the new townhouses are very narrow and tall..
Smaller foot print per family but an increase in population,
traffic and pollution.
The builder gets more money per acre this way as well.

This area covers several miles..I have no idea how many acres.
Some of them include shops on the first floor.
Some call it "progress".... I call it "sad".


Junebug said...

I so agree with you, sad, sad!! We as a nation will be relying on more and more foreign food with our farmland being eaten up by development!

Anita Davis said...

It is sad to see so much countryside swallowed by urban development. We have a lot of that around our town too. Although thankfully they put in underground wires, and a lot of it is large homes on decent sized lots.

Susie said...

Me too Missy. My daughter moved to a new area in the west side of our town and they are popping up three new homes just this month., that the yards could be mowed with a weed kidding. I'll have to get photos of it. I'd like for our little town to stay on the small side..I know you understand. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Diane said...

It's the same story around here too. Midwest farmland is now home to new subdivisions. I hate to drive around and see it.

Lynne said...

I am a country gal at heart . . .
And do not like seeing farm land become subdivision.
(I am so happy I mowed the lawn late yesterday. I walked outdoors this morning and did some weeding, cleaning, watering. Oh my, oh my it is HOT . . . stay cool today Missy!)