Friday, August 19, 2016


This tree has been scheduled to come down for several weeks.
Today was the day.
You can see that more than half of it is dead.

As I was heading out to walk Mollie, four or five various trucks
and at least eight "boys" arrived.
By the time we returned from our walk,
the tree was down.
(about 45 minutes)

The cleanup took a bit longer.


This was in my back yard and they did a super job.


The top of the stump that they cut off 
would have made a great table top if one could lift it.


You can see it being loaded here.
I think it's weight would make using it for anything prohibitive.
The center of it may have been rotten as well.


All done!!
I wonder how far down they ground the stump.
At the time, there were three vehicles in front of it , 
blocking my view.
I found out later that they didn't drill it out..just covered it up.
Too bad..they can't replace the tree.



eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, they were a good crew. Taking down the tree in 45 minutes seems quick to me. Your view has changed with the tree gone. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

Lynne said...

Amazing how fast they can take down a tree . . .
It must open up your yard considerably for more sunshine . . .
They did not grind out the stump?

Susie said...

Missy, That was a great job. I love when it so clean after all the tree is hauled away. I think all , well most of the trees removed in our park and along the creek thru town, where ash trees. I think the wood from them was used for fire wood. Blessings for a fun weekend, xoxo, Susie

Kelly said...

At least now you don't have to worry about that tree coming down on your house if there is a bad storm! We have had our fair share of dead trees taken down too. It's so expensive and then it takes some getting used to after the tree is down. I usually try to replace a dead tree with another one too if I can.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very efficient and professional!

Stewart M said...

Shame when a tree like that has to go, but I assume it was a bit too close to your house.

Are you going to plant a new one?

Cheers - Stewart M - Darwin, NT

Lowcarb team member said...

Goodness, that was a big tree too - will you replace it with something smaller?

All the best Jan