Monday, October 17, 2016


 It was rainy and gloomy last Saturday 
so my sister and Iwent out to The Art Barn
where they were having an art show made up of the locals
artwork and crafts which included pottery, jewelry making,
painting and sketching.
They had some DIY  or "how to clinics" for visitors.

We signed up for this 2 hr class that will be held in November.
Painting with bits of colored paper and glue.

The same lady had painted this cute Chickadee.

These pottery bird houses were interesting...heavy

Unusual necklace..
I think it looks like a split open tennis ball.

Mr Fishy was interested in everything....

The reflection on the glass
of the paintings on the opposite wall are interesting.

When I first saw this picture,
I wondered what those marks on him were.

 Award winning plate

Downstairs there were pottery and jewelry clinics going on.
These little witches were cute even though they didn't
photograph well.

 Little dishes traced from actual leaves.


We'll be back for the Christmas Show!!


Mildred said...

Hi Missy and happy Monday. This looks like an enjoyable way to spend a rainy day. The paper/glue class sounds interesting. At one of our homes, the painter used a technique with torn pieces of paper/glue to create "marble-looking" pillars for our dining room - it was actually very pretty and fun to watch her create the look.
These leaf dishes would be very nice for Autumn.

Lynne said...

Looks like you have enjoyed an Art Show too . . .
Enjoyable to see the creativity, isn't it . . .
I often come away thinking . . . "why couldn't I do that!"
Or . . . "wow, I could never be that creative . . . how do they do that!"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like fun!

Diane said...

So inspiring to view others' art! Thanks for the tour. That tray is spectacular!

Junebug said...

This looks like a fun outing! I'm sure your class will be fun. I've done a couple of paint nites and it is always fun to see how everyone's turns out All different but sooooo great!

"e"Beth"e"Edwards"e" said...

now that looks like a cool place to visit. i love the bird houses. i think i have seen something very similar. i can't wait to see what you get to view during Christmas times. ( ;

Saimi said...

So much FUN!!