Monday, October 3, 2016


 Saturday was our Annual Pig Roast
for the benefit of the
"Building Our Community Campaign". 
 Strock's Farm roasted the pigs on site starting the evening before.
We thank them for their faithful support.
(rain or shine).

JD Shuman and Jenn Schwamb fund raisers extraodinaire...
Thanks to you for your dedication and hard work.


The event was held in the new Rife Center
made possible by Phase I of "Building Our Community".


Piggies being piggies and asking for money!!
They didn't have change for a twenty and said they'd be happy to take the whole thing..Imagine that !!


Speaking of Pig !


 Things moved along very smoothly.
Pork, roll and baked potato were packed and ready to go.

 To that was added coleslaw and a brownie.
You could select your choice of apple, BBQ sauce, horse radish, 
iced tea or water.


 What is a fund raiser without sponsors?
We thank you and are grateful for your support.

 The Medicine Shoppe is our on campus pharmacy.
They brought with them this personal medication dispenser.
It holds 42 cups of medications to be dispensed at set times.
It TELLS you when it is time to take your medications and makes overdosing impossible..
Great  as a reminder to take ones medications and for those who tend to overdo some pain meds.
What will they think of next?

 It was a gloomy day but I think everyone had a good time and it was a success.
Usually there were only two or three empty tables which made it perfect...No waiting.

This was taken as things were just getting started.

Thanks to all the volunteers and Committee members 
for making it all happen .


eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, the pig roast looks like a great fund raiser. The food sounds yummy. Happy Monday, enjoy the new week ahead!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh my, there's just something so primeval about seeing a whole pig being roasted! Bet it was delicious though!

Saimi said...

Always a welcome site to have a great turnout for a fundraiser. I'm sure the pig was delish but I'm not sure about the presentation :0

Lynne said...

Looks like a great event/fund raiser . . .
Your new building is wonderful.
Pill container . . . hmmmmmm . . .