Monday, November 14, 2016


 The Bluebirds have been checking out the new birdhouse 
that my BIL built.
They haven't stayed so...we'll see

'Scuse the pictures.....had to be quick.

While I was out  "working" in my garden I saw several of these..
I had just seen (for the first time), a normal sized, 
balckish blue one. 
Of course it was gone by the time I went inside to get my camera.


Strange time for Azaleas to be blooming.

I noticed this large hole by my foundation.
There are several of them under the compressor for my heat pump.


 I guess that's where all my birdseed is going.

I probably won't be investing in any more Cone Flowers.
In the spring it was a Ground Hog.
I didn't see this intruder. Looks about the right length.
We have lots of rabbits but I've never seen one in my garden.
Doesn't mean....

They don't seem to like the yellow ones 
or maybe this one is pretty protected.


Last nights "super moon".
This was taken at 7PM..It's to be closer between 3-6 AM...
I'll be in the land of "Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod..
Hope you will be too..

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, Missy! I love the bluebirds! I hope they use the box. Sorry about your coneflowers. Your moon shot is beautiful.
Happy Monday, have a great day and new week ahead!

Mildred said...

The blue birds are so pretty. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous moon photo too. Our skies are thick with smoke due to wildfires.

NanaDiana said...

Love your birds. I think bluebirds are so pretty- we don't see them often here. Great moon shot- wow!!!
Looks like you might have a woodchuck or two there. lol They are under my son's back deck, too, and he doesn't dare kill them for fear there are babies under his son calls them his 'pets'. lol

Hope you have a great night, Missy. xo Diana

Saimi said...

Great pictures Missy, especially the moon!

B"e"th "E"dwards said...

gorgeous moon. i some how got to a post that was dated sept 27th. not sure how i got there? but any who i am on the present day now. it was fun seeing your yard flowers in bloom, it will tide me over until next spring. have a super great week!! enjoy all moments. stay warm. ( ;

Gayle - venturesinphotos said...

The first photo is so cute. Looks like the one on the roof is asking the peeper how things look.

Lynne said...

Now there is a great capture of the moon!
Beautiful Missy!

Lowcarb team member said...

Those bluebirds are lovely - so is that moon!

All the best Jan