Monday, February 29, 2016


I have to say, that I'm really not.

If I'm tired of anything, it's the gloomy days that we've had of late
and wet paws and dirty clothing.
I really like the cold, fresh, bug free air and I think the sun 
is much more enjoyable in the winter time.

Yesterday I did a "Mollie wash" that included a down raincoat
that I wear over my jammies for our late night walks.

This is a picture from Mollies first winter..a favorite !
She still wears that coat which is waterproof has a felt liner.

The Robins are no longer harbingers of Spring.
They are here most of the winter, it seems.

Soon we will be seeing Crocuses...

and Daffodils...
With this crazy winter, they have been pushing up since January.

Until then, we can just lie around and soak up the sun.

Have a wonderful week..

Friday, February 26, 2016


As I walked past my window Monday night, 
 it was hard to miss Mr Moon.

The pictures that I take with an "automatic" setting
seem to come out better than the "scene" setting.

I need to try the " action" setting..
I forgot and it's past time for dinner.

Maybe later.....none of them are really sharp.
It's not a "really sharp" night..a little hazy.

Sounds like a good excuse to me.
The moon has been among the missing most of this week.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016



In the past several years, we have had some long, 
cold and snowy stretches.
They tend to go a little nuts with the road salt here which can make
dog walking a challenge.

A few days ago, 
I was reminded of the attempt to put boots on Mollie.
These pictures and this expression are etched indelibly in my mind.
Poor Mollie, so forlorn.

After a good five minutes and a ton of coaxing she made it to the edge of the carpet.
So, I tried one boot...same thing. 
After all this trouble, 
I decided that they probably weren't going to stay on  anyway.

When all else fails "Google it!"
I found "Mushers Secret" that is used on sled dogs.

It has a waxy/creamy consistency and does a great job protecting paws from salt and freezing temps..
It does not track on my hardwood floors.
Mollie prefers it to Boots! 
Anybody need a set of boots?? 
Send me your address, they're yours.

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Monday, February 22, 2016


This is a very unusual sight.

I don't think I've ever seen a Sparrow in my birdbath.

Usually, it's the Robins that take it over and empty it in the process.

He was in there for at least ten minutes ...
having a great time too.

I guess I'll have to be adding more water.

I would like to find a place to put my birdbath where I could see it and take pictures without having the railing in the way.
It's easy to fill in this location as well.
So, 'scuse  the railing.

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Friday, February 19, 2016


 Did you ever wonder where the birds go on a cold, rainy day?

I have often seen birds taking shelter under our eaves
when the weather is bad.

On these days Max misses a lot of naps, spending hours watching birdies close up.

The Robins are hearty souls and just ride it out.
I have seen a lot of them around the past several weeks.
More and more they seem to be here all winter.
Maybe they heard that the ground hog predicted an early Spring.

I really need to clean my garage windows.

No question where these two are when the weather is bad  ...
I'm glad this is an "L" shaped couch 
so there is some room left for me.

This is great weather for being indoors..
Reading, Binge watching, Knitting , Blogging 
or napping.
Wish I had a fireplace... 

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


 Yesterday morning we awoke to an ice covered world.

 Starting the evening before we had several inches of snow followed by a coating of ice followed by heavy rain
 that lasted all morning.

There was a lot of standing water that was unable to penetrate 
through the ice.  


Our streets were cleared by nine thirty.
My driveway was done after I took this picture.


If the sequence of precipitation had been different,
we could have had a very dangerous situation.
As it was , it was just very wet.
The temperatures helped as well...
from just above freezing early, to the fifties late morning and back to the thirties during the night last night.
The sun was actually out in the early afternoon.
What a crazy day. 

 Mollie even got her long walk in albeit a few hours late.

Monday, February 15, 2016


Mollie and I love our winter walks
but neither of us is thrilled with getting ready to go. 
At least 7 items of clothing for me and a bottle of water....
That's only outer clothing.
3 items for her 
and maybe an application of Mushers Secret for her paws.

Then we are finally ready to go walk on snow piles.


This is an old picture but the look is pretty much the same.
I don't know what I would do without this coat.
I have never been cold in it and I've been out in everything.


 We both prefer winter..Clean, crisp air..NO BUGS !
We stay out a lot longer too.
There is just less fuss in the summer and
it will be here before we know it.
 It's hard to believe that February is half over already.

Friday, February 12, 2016


I made this card for all of my blog buddies ...
Whether or not you comment, whether or not I actually know you, 
I sincerely appreciate your friendship.
Over the years, I have made a number of good friends with whom I have shared the ups and downs of our lives.
In some cases, I feel like a family member.
I have appreciated your comments and advice 
and  I thank you for the many laughs .

So my friends, 
I wish you all a Valentines Day filled with love.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Although wet and heavy,
yesterdays  five inch snow was much prettier than the last.
 Thirty four inches of light and fluffy snow was almost gone
when this one arrived.
We couldn't have asked for better melting conditions.
Above freezing temperatures, lots of sunshine and a day of rain
provided us with a slow melt. Ideal!

I took these pictures (the birds) with my IPad just for fun.
My camera does a much better job, I think.
The cardinals are here most of the da
making a lovely contrast against the snow.

I hope your world is beautiful too.  

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