Monday, May 30, 2016


Happy Memorial Day

As you celebrate your Memorial Day weekend,
please remember those who lost their lives serving our country.
Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.

Friday, May 27, 2016


It's hard to believe (for me anyway) that it has been eight years
since "Lil Mollie" was born.....

or that she looked like this when I brought her home.

I just went through several thousand pictures 
 trying to find my favorites.
There are just too many.
This was her first winter.. 7-8 months old?

She has a lot of favorite activities, 
not the least of which is terrorizing poor Max.
His kitty litter used to be in the basement and she would frequently be waiting for him at the top of the stairs..


When my sister and her husband would visit, 
they would bring their dog Jazz..
Mollie liked to take her for walks.
Now they live down the street so we have frequent visits.

 She will go out in any kind of weather and seems to enjoy it.
She's not a fan of thunder and heat.
I have to put an ice collar on her when it is hot or she lays down under every shade tree..
She's no dummy.

This is one of her favorite napping places altho she spends
 most of her day sleeping in her bed or on the back of the couch.

 Saying her bed time prayers...

She gets a little sassy when she doesn't get her way.


Max is bigger than Mollie but a lot of it is fur..
They weigh about the same.

 An old of many.

 She loves "going bye's in the car" and rides shot gun!!

 Another favorite...
I tried to get her to wear boots because of all the salt around here.
She looks so forlorn..She wouldn't move.
They probably wouldn't stay on anyway.

 There are lots of "Mollie memories"...mostly all good !
She has been a great addition to my life....
Happy Birthday Mollie.


I'd better get Mollies ice collar out..
it's supposed to get up to 87 degrees today.
Neither one of us will be happy about that.

Happy Memorial Day to you all.
Have fun and be safe!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I think that the Rhodies are the last blush of Spring.

This year,
they were the last to bloom and they are gorgeous.

In this neighborhood they are very old and big...
Twelve feet by twelve feet is pretty average.
Nobody ever prunes them for some reason.
I cut mine back to five feet high...they survived.
No time is wasted cutting back Hydrangeas, Lilacs  and Dogwoods.

This is a Lace cap Hydrangeas..they bloom all summer.

The Lilacs are almost finished.
I'll miss their smell.
There is a new Lilac that blooms all summer.

A Dwarf Rhododendron

This looks like an Azalea but the flowers are much bigger,
they are always this color and aren't bushy like Azaleas.
(more little tree like)
It is an Azalea Mollis which is a deciduous Rhododendrum.

I hope there is some color in your life.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Ah...finally got the Chickadee !!

And who invited you???
Max almost went thru my blinds!!

My brother in law recently made this seed catcher.
It's amazing how many good seeds are wasted...
This little guy and the Doves keep the boxes clean.

Those pouches are pretty full...

Have a wonderful weekend.

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And Eileen at Saturdays Critters 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I was watching Mr Squirrel attacking my bird feeders.

It was interesting to see how he scooped the seed in to his mouth..

Clever little critters...

Friday, May 13, 2016


 Something has her attention !
There were two bunnies under those bushes .

One came out to graze along the side of the road.
Sorry for the picture, 
but it was a grey, misty day and aside from that it is out of focus.

The only thing not moving in this picture are its front legs.

The little bugger has been "pruning" my Liriope" 
 and driving Mollie crazy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Max has several routines, one of which is jumping up on this chair,
giving him access to the dining room table (where his food is) and my kitchen counter where he gets in to all kinds of mischief.
Several days ago I found him standing on his hind legs and pawing at the chair seat.
He was unable to jump up onto the chair. 
He has been unable to jump up on the bed for quite some time.
He has steps for that!
I put his food in the shower but I thought it wouldn't be long
 before the temptation would be too great for Mollie to ignore. 
(She never goes into the shower.)

 I asked my brother in law, 
who is always looking for a woodshop project,
to make Max a "stool".
He used a router to put some grooves in the top of it.

 Here's the new set up. (Or step up)

It wasn't long before....

Good boy , Max....It's not easy, getting old..
At first I thought that he may have gotten hurt
 rough housing with Mollie.
I hope it's only arthritis...