Wednesday, August 31, 2016


 A dear friend of mine gave me two Dahlia bulbs
several months ago for my birthday.
This is one of them..the other is struggling a bit.

Aren't they just beautiful?

Thanks Christine !

Monday, August 29, 2016


 More often than not, 
when I look out of my kitchen window at my "bird feeder", 
this is what I see.
Pardon the shadows but these were early morning shots.

See the twinkle in his eye ??

Chubby cheeks...
All that seed is being buried under the concrete pad
 that my heat pump compressor sits on. 

When is it going to be my turn??

I guess I should invest in one of those shields.

It's hard to believe that August is almost over.
It has been a record hot one and I hear that September 
is to be hot as well...Yuk!!! 
Enjoy your week..

Friday, August 26, 2016


Several evenings ago,
 I was looking out of my front door and noticed that the bushes
were alive with activity.

There were seven or eight small squirrels running in and out of all the bushes...just chasing each other everywhere...
and back again.
The power washers had been there earlier.
Did they disturb a nest? 
This activity went on for several hours.


 The following morning,
I saw the "gang" several blocks away chasing each other
through the trees.
I hope they got some sleep sometime, somewhere.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


 This past weekend we held our Annual Peach Festival.

There was a table with homegrown items...
Apples, cucumbers, corn, peppers and peaches.

Look at those Peach Pies...Yummy

Worker bees slicing peaches to sell by the quart
 and to serve over ice cream.


There were several tables with home made goodies for sale.

There was food as well for those who came for lunch.

The gift shop had some clearance items for sale.

Thank you to all of those who gave of their time 
to make it a success...

Monday, August 22, 2016


Happy Birthday Mack!!
Here she is already stealing hearts and only a few weeks old.

I have to take this opportunity to include a few of my favorite pics.

There are so many....

Sammie is her BFF

Look at those teeth!!

Her first trip to the shore and her first bikini !!

 Such a little lady...

A night out at the Cape May Mall..
Keeping up the family tradition of five generations.

I took this frame from a video that shows ( I think),
how fast she is losing her baby looks.
Too fast!!

Happy Birthday Mack!!

( These pictures were taken from the "family album".
I can only take credit for the first one.  Thanks for sharing. )

She thoroughly enjoyed her first birthday cake.
When she was all finished, she clapped her little hands...
Cake flew everywhere ! 
A sculptor/potter in the making??

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Friday, August 19, 2016


This tree has been scheduled to come down for several weeks.
Today was the day.
You can see that more than half of it is dead.

As I was heading out to walk Mollie, four or five various trucks
and at least eight "boys" arrived.
By the time we returned from our walk,
the tree was down.
(about 45 minutes)

The cleanup took a bit longer.


This was in my back yard and they did a super job.


The top of the stump that they cut off 
would have made a great table top if one could lift it.


You can see it being loaded here.
I think it's weight would make using it for anything prohibitive.
The center of it may have been rotten as well.


All done!!
I wonder how far down they ground the stump.
At the time, there were three vehicles in front of it , 
blocking my view.
I found out later that they didn't drill it out..just covered it up.
Too bad..they can't replace the tree.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In a post last week, I mentioned the App
"Super Photo". It's free !
I took this picture of Mollie and played with it.

Love this one...

Ha Ha

This one is great altho I don't like seeing her on fire !!

Check it out !!