Monday, December 25, 2017

Friday, December 22, 2017


I stopped by one of our garden centers over the weekend 
to pick up some birdseed and took the short cut
through the perrenial area, 
now deserted and closed for the season.
Or so I thought.
It seems that they are housing a handful of animals.
Why? Does anybody know they are there?(the public).
Do they get any attention? 

I'm sure they are well taken care of but it just seemed sad to me
for them to be in an area where no one visited. 
No children go through signs indicating their presence..
Maybe they are moved to other areas at different times.
I obviously don't know the whole story. 

They just made me feel sad...
I wanted to take the little grey goat home with me.
This is the same nursery/gift shop that I posted about Wednesday.
Have a safe Holiday weekend my friends 
The merriest of Christmases.
Mollie, Zoey and I will be taking a short break
 and will be back in 2018.
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


This business is somewhat different 
from the one I took you to last week.

The gift department is bigger and a bit more expensive.
The nursery is smaller but they offer more in the 
flower/plant department.
They sell wine now and even have an ATM.

Love these guys.

This tree is very full..(the top is crooked).
picky, picky, picky

They have a little bit of everything..clothes as well
(no pictures)

I was happy to see that their bees are doing well.

A sea of Poinsettias..

They usually have a nice selection of Orchids..

This is all artificial.

Shelves are a little bare but it was a Sunday.
I often wander through here on a Sunday afternoon.

They have a nice selection of unusual dips, soups, crackers, etc.

Monday, December 18, 2017


This past weekend, 
I went to a neighboring town to visit their Christmas Market.
It was on the grounds of a very old (1700's).
An Irishman received a land grant and set out to settle
500 acres known today as Dill's tavern and plantation.
It all started with a log cabin.

This is the original's history is very interesting.
Dills Tavern and Plantation
Watch the historical video.

 He divided his land in to lots
 and that was the beginning of this town.

The market consisted of handmade wooden spoons,
Soaps, Knitted crafts, Jewelry, and of course, food.

It was in the 30's but sunny, not windy..a nice crisp day.
There were fires burning everywhere..wonderful smells.

Inside one of the buildings was a blacksmith.
See the bellows on the ceiling? He used them to stoke the fire.
They look rather new to me.

I always ask if I may take know what he said!!

These houses carved from styrofoam where kinda cute.

"save our bees"

She was fun..
she was selling lots of doggie sweaters that she had knit.

These were getting a lot of attention from the men..flasks?

It was warmer outside than in!!

He was telling stories of his Tavern travels back in the day.
Loved his boots..not a great picture.

She had been there the night before ...17 degrees !
Fortunately, it was only a couple of hours.