Monday, January 30, 2017


Than a fall sunset, that is.
Sunrises can be pretty spectacular as well.

I was standing at my kitchen window one evening 
as the sun was setting.

And another day comes to a close..


"I hope yours was spectacular !
Mine was pretty fun."

Friday, January 27, 2017


There has been a lot of this in the sky lately.
I have to say that most of the time they are not headed South.
Not directly anyhow.
Do you know why one side is always longer than the other?

"There are more birds on that side !"

Around here , we call that a "JOEISM"
My brother in law is always coming up with stuff like that.

"Pretty bad Joey"

My answer is  that  "Geese can't count."
I "googled" it and didn't get much of an answer.
Interesting though...
There is less draft the further back you are in line (makes sense)..
and they
all flap their wings in unison.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


No wonder we have so many squirrels here.
This is what most of our trees look like when the leaves are gone.

A bonus now that the leaves are off the trees..pretty sunsets!

Zoey has found a spot to squirrel and bird watch. 

Monday, January 23, 2017


It seemed like the perfect time to clean my refrigerator.

(after I shed a few tears, that is)

So sad to see the Obamas leaving.
No matter what you thought of their politics,
they were an intelligent, classy, and honest couple.

There were things in here that were past outdated.

Much better !

Friday, January 20, 2017


Three men birds in a tub birdbath..


A call went out to their friends.


It was heard...


 and answered.


Meanwhile out back..
smarty squirrel has learned how to open this feeder.
He has done it more than once.

Losing battle. 

Speaking of losing battles...
She's in to everything....refrigerators, washing machines and

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


We have been lucky enough to have several pairs of Cardinals
frequent the feeders of late.

There always seems to be a waiting line.

I guess three feeders just isn't enough !

"Cardinals, did you say Cardinals?"
She hasn't found the bird watching spots yet.

Linking with Stewart

and Eileen

Monday, January 16, 2017


Or Chloe if I can't get it right.....
It just seems to be easier to say Chloe.
I'm going to keep trying.

 I am having a very hard time getting over losing my Max.
I have always gotten another pet quickly after a loss.
It seems to me something else to focus on.
She will never replace him..can't be done.

Anyhow, Zoey is a Siberian.
She belonged to a breeder who "retired" her
 after having had two litters.
She is three years old and just the sweetest cat.


Her first excursion from under the love seat (only took two hours and she never went back) was a trip to the kitty litter.

After that she contemplated her next move which seemed to be to explore every inch of that room at least once.

She never made it to the top of the desk..
I said "no" and she got down..
She does seem to know what "no"  means most of the time.

Then it was time for a little nap.

It wasn't long (4 hours) before she needed to broaden her horizons.
She squeezed  herself through the gate in spite of Mollies being on the other side.
There was no stopping her after that. 
The house and all of it's contents are hers !!

I think I have taught her to stay away from the sink and stove part
of the kitchen counter.
When her paws are wet, she tracks much more than Max 
did and I don't like kitty tracks on my black stove top..floors either.

You may be wondering about Mollie??

Zoey would give her a little hiss every time she walked by her.
This intimidation lasted about a day and a half when Mollie
decided it was time to play.
That means chase!!!
That sent Zoey under the couch for a few hours.
After that she was out with her little hiss every now and then.


We were all together in the bed in the morning and things were going well.

An hour later Zoey tried to help herself to one of Mollies treats.
That created lots of serious hissing, barking and growling
 on both parts ..
Zoey spent a lot of that day under the couch.
One step forward  and two back.