Wednesday, January 11, 2017


January came in with a bang!
30 inches.

Makes me happy that I live where I do.
So nice to just be able to look at it, walk in it 
and just plain enjoy it.

So glad I don't have to shovel it or go anywhere.

February brought more ice and snow.

My little snow bunny..rubs her face in the snow.

To the farm in March to celebrate birthdays.
Bev and her hubs, the twins Ryan and Amanda and me!!
(that's hubs, holding Mack, with his daughter Amanda)

I did quite a bit of planting this past April.

In May we enjoyed bursting buds!!

and the birds get to share their food.

June  found me frequenting the garden centers.

 Mollie and I took a road trip.
I think I needed some new post material.
Weren't you all getting tired of birds and squirrels?

Another road trip (local) in July to visit  the lake in
Boiling Springs and it's inhabitants.
Lunch at the Tavern there was a treat.

Tree pruning time around here always disturbs some nests.

Back to Bee Haven Acres for a  family picnic.
Great food and swimming too. 

Mack turned one in August..
What a mess she made of her cake..such fun.

Thunderstorms blessed us in September.

More garden center visits in October..
Welcome fall !!

In November we lost my sisters dog Jazz.
Still missing her every day.

December took me back to....
you guessed it..the garden centers.

Between Christmas and New Years we had to say good bye to my beloved Max.
He brought with him sixteen years of love and affection .
He has left a big hole in my heart and a very sad Mollie.

...A very devastating end to 2016.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, 2016 ended on such a sad note. Let's hope the good times resume in 2017.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, nice review of your 2016. It is sad about the losses though, your sister dog and Max!! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Junebug said...

I enjoyed you 2016 year review. Dang, those sweet pets of ours leave such a hole in our heart!

NanaDiana said...

Missy- My heart is just breaking for the loss of Max. I know how much you loved him and it just leaves such a hole in our hearts when we lose a beloved pet-they are like children to us.

The rest of your pictures are beautiful. You really take great photographs. That little sweetie with the birthday cake really made me smile.

Happy New Year to you. I hope you have all good things and no more losses this year. xo Diana

Jody in Georgia said...

Missy, enjoyed your 2016 synopsis. Gorgeous photos. The memories of Max and Jasmine will remain as the heart holes begin to mend and fill up with happy memories. Thanks so much for sharing your year with us. Blessings for the new year.

Lynne said...

Loved your recap Missy . . .
Beautuful, just beautuful photos.
Little birdies with open mouth, chipmunks and white swan.
Not the end of 2016 you intended . . .
Gorgeous Max will be a heart treasure forever.
And now we are in 2017
I wonder what the first picture will be in the recap??
Happy Year my friend . . .

Mildred said...

I am still heartbroken about Max. I enjoyed your photos so much. God bless you, dear friend. xoxo

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, your year ended very badly and so sad.
However, the photo's you've shared here are a great collection looking back on the year, and the colour and joy it provided.

I send my good wishes for 2017

All the best Jan