Friday, April 14, 2017


Recently, I needed to get out of the house.
I went to the city (uptown) to visit Italian Lake.
I wondered if the swans were still there.

This is one of the old city High Schools overlooking the lake.
It is one of two city High Schools that stand empty.
This one has been closed since 2010  and is for sale.

The Zembo Mosque or The Zembo Shrine Building
can also be seen from the lake.
It's architecture is Moorish Revival and was built in 1930.
It cost one million to build and is now worth seven to eight million.
It has many Moroccan influences with
ornate hand painted motifs, archways and Chandeliers.
It is available to rent for weddings, proms, meetings, etc.

The swans are gone....for the winter?
Only Canada Geese, Ducks and Mallards remain.

I'm happy to see the clear water. 
Last July it looked like pea soup..too much vegetation or
too many fish.

Mr. and Mrs. ??

"Dance of Eternal Spring"
It's interesting history is included in the above link.
It's pretty rusty.

I took a lot of pictures but most were blurry..
I had Mollie with me and didn't bring her long leash.
She was pulling me everywhere..lots of new smells.
(Mostly Goose poop.)

Hope you have your taxes done..Happy weekend !
Have a wonderful Easter

According to legend, Eastre is responsible for the transition between winter and spring. One year she ushered in spring late. As a result, a bird's wings were permanently damaged by the cold. To atone for her mistake, Eastre transformed the bird into a hare that lays eggs on one day of the year: Easter. Missionaries altered this pagan tradition to align with Christianity. Both the rabbit and the spring became associated as symbols of new life and renewal.

The first recorded mention of the Easter bunny dates back to the 1500s in German writings. German immigrants settling in Pennsylvania in the 1700s carried the Easter bunny tradition from Europe to the American colonies. The children of these immigrants built nests for the Easter bunny who would visit and lay colored eggs. The egg-laying rabbit eventually started bringing gifts and candy in addition to the eggs. The first edible Easter bunny confection was made in the 1800s. The eggs and candy brought by the Easter bunny are now a major commercial aspect of the holiday.
    Learn more about Easter

Please don't bite the ears off your bunny !!


Mildred said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures from your outing. Wishing you a nice Easter.

Lynne said...

Wonderful . . .
Just plain wonderful . . .
Sights of the city "uptown" . . .
The water . . . the beautiful architecture, sculpture, geese, mallards . . .
And then your bit of history of Easter . . . bunnies, eggs and such . . .
(Is this the water sight the mallards might have wandered from?)
Loved your Bunny . . . and no doubt about it . . . I love you too . . .
Happy Easter weekend . . .

Susie said...

Missy, The snow makes that water look so cold. I hate that wonderful strong building get abandoned. I truly hope it sells. The water fountain is still lovely. Molly wanted to track those new smells. Happy Easter weekend.Blessings, xoxo, Susie

eileeninmd said...

Hello Missy, it looks like a pretty lake and place to take a walk. I always enjoy the geese and ducks. My hubby loves the chocolate bunnies. Happy Friday! Enjoy your day! Happy Easter to you and your family.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love how you included a story of the Goddess Eostre and her sacred rabbit!

Saimi said...

Wow, I can't even conceive an empty school. Ours are so overcrowded right now due to new housing developments. Wish we could relocate your empty school to our area haha. I wonder where the swans went, they are missing out on the beautiful clear lake. Thanks for sharing the history behind the Easter bunny I love information like that - how traditions get started and all.

Have a wonderful Easter Missy!!!

Kelly said...

So much fun to see these pretty pics. Too bad the swans weren't there. I love the ducks and geese though. Interesting history about Easter! I never knew the story behind the Easter bunny.

Lowcarb team member said...

So nice to see all of your photo's here, I love walking near to water.

Enjoyed reading the History behind the Easter bunny.
Wishing you a Happy Weekend and a Happy Easter too.

All the best Jan

Stewart M said...

The you need to get out of the house, what better thing to see than ducks!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne