Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Last week I met the "Pink Fairy" aka Mac and her Mom
at our local petting zoo.

While I was waiting,
I wandered through their greenhouses.

Somebody just woke up...

Thanks to her Grammy and time spent at the farm,
she has no fear of animals.
(Cans with veggie scraps and pretzels are available
to the children for feeding the animals).

Baby feeding babies...

After a bit of a climb...

Fun time !!

Monday, May 29, 2017


It's hard to believe that this was nine years ago.
This was the day that I brought Mollie and Snickers home.
We have both changed a bit..
Me, more grey...She less.
She went from brown to light grey to black 
and is starting to get  a little grey again.
Mollie #1 was black and white and adorable...but bad.
Snickers (Mollie #2) is in my left hand..long story !
Mollie #1 had an attitude and all Snickers heard for two weeks
was "no Mollie".
I gave Mollie #1 away ( she was yappy to boot) . ..
I changed Snickers name to "Mollie" 
since that's what she was used to hearing 
and the rest is history.

This is lil Mollie in her first snow.
She loves being out in any kind of weather except T storms.
See how grey she was...

Here she is being anti-social at my sisters house.
(not posed)

She used to keep me more.
If I come into a room or sit on "her couch", she leaves.
She's not a "warm fuzzy".

Here she is playing "Lion" little hunting dog.

This is a recent picture of her in her favorite bed.
See how her hips are greying?

On her third favorite bed..
Her second favorite is the back of the couch.

I have a friend who walks her when I'm not available.
She always brings her a Christmas present.

Where do you think this arrow is pointing?

 Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night....
(well, heat may deter her, for sure)
It was pouring last week 
and we walk about forty minutes every morning.
I thought I would just take her out to pee and we'd do
the real walk later when it let up a bit. 
We did the whole circuit and then some..
(old picture)

Watching the world go by with her buddy, Zoey

                We wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day.
(more oldies)

Thanks to all the men, women and families for your service.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Zoey thinks she has a rough life..

                              Time spent watching birds.... 

and squirrels...

Doing two loads of wash..
(Mom won't let me do the ironing, thank goodness)

Makes me so tired..I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Time for a cat nap !!

Sweet dreams, little Zoey.
(This is when she is at her best)
Yup...It was a Zoey week..

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I moved here five years ago,
Mollie took over this spot on the back of the couch
so she could look out of the window.
She even sleeps there most of the night.

Her spot seems to have been taken over...

What's really  funny is that Mollie was there first 
leaving the space for Zoey?

As you can see, she is making good use of it.

I think that the dent in this cushion is permanent.

This just may be a Zoey week on This N That !!

Friday, May 19, 2017


You may or may not remember my visiting Kirklands
with my sister last fall and purchasing these shelves.
I never gave much thought to what to put on them.
A neighbor and I went to Hobby Lobby last week
where I found this irresistible whale.

I spied this cute little boat...
This whale belonged to my father..I think it is soap stone.
I should probably move it over..what's one more hole??

And a "Treasure chest"..


I just love the "made to look old" fake books.
(The red one is real)

It's always fun to have new things to dust.
Have a happy weekend..