Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When I moved here five years ago,
Mollie took over this spot on the back of the couch
so she could look out of the window.
She even sleeps there most of the night.

Her spot seems to have been taken over...

What's really  funny is that Mollie was there first 
leaving the space for Zoey?

As you can see, she is making good use of it.

I think that the dent in this cushion is permanent.

This just may be a Zoey week on This N That !!

Friday, May 19, 2017


You may or may not remember my visiting Kirklands
with my sister last fall and purchasing these shelves.
I never gave much thought to what to put on them.
A neighbor and I went to Hobby Lobby last week
where I found this irresistible whale.

I spied this cute little boat...
This whale belonged to my father..I think it is soap stone.
I should probably move it over..what's one more hole??

And a "Treasure chest"..


I just love the "made to look old" fake books.
(The red one is real)

It's always fun to have new things to dust.
Have a happy weekend..

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


This Blue jay has been around a lot lately.
Maybe there is a nest nearby.

I have to say that, altho pretty, they are not my favorite birds.

Years ago, 
I witnessed one robbing a nest of newly hatched babies.

In reality,
I guess they all do that to some extent,
 but I didn't like witnessing it.

I hope that is not his attention here..
There are new hatchlings in this house..

Look but don't touch!!

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Monday, May 15, 2017


Why is this squirrel jumping in and out of my Lilac bush?

He's nibbling on something..but what??

Different squirrel.."Stumpy"
Not a great picture but
 "Stumpy" has been around for three or four years.
I think he was a victim of a Hawk attack..
half of his tail is gone and I remember seeing the rest of it
up by the ball field several years back.
Hasn't hampered him a bit..

I hope everyone had a good weekend
and a Happy Mothers Day.

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Friday, May 12, 2017


I was sitting out on my porch having
 already put the trash out for pick up .

Mollie was lying in the grass.
She seems to enjoy that and will lie there for hours.
I thought it quite humorous that she was lying next to the trash.
Was she trying to tell me something?

Guess what Mollie!!!

They don't want you..guess I'll have to keep you.

They can't have her anyway....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Until Zoey,
I had always left my closet door cracked 
so Mollie could "hide" when she felt the need.
Now it is kept closed for obvious reasons.
The two empty hangers on the left had clothes on them.
She accidentally got shut in there..she's very quick.

Candlelight dinner??

No, I was in the midst of setting the table for Easter.
Had to laugh at this.
It's one of those pictures that you don't know you got 
until you download it..

She must have heard me say that I had nothing to blog about
 and even pictures.

Monday, May 8, 2017


With the change of season, rainy weather
 and cooler temperatures, 
I thought it time to make some changes indoors.
I have very limited places where I can put live plants
due to Miss Zoeys busy paws and long reach.
I gave away the few live plants that I had
  and decided to make some silk arrangements.

I don't have a lot of room so I couldn't do too many like this one.

I made several little ones to sit here and there...

That was fun...what's next?

Friday, May 5, 2017


A few weeks back I wrote a post about an invasion of Mallards.

It seems as though the Drake population has dwindled.
The "chosen few" so to speak.

I suspect that her nest is under these bushes or around the other side of the house.

They are frequently seen early in the morning
or at cocktail time !!

Happy cinco de Mayo..

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


This old farmhouse is on our grounds
 and may sadly be demolished to make room for 
new housing for our residents.

Behind the house is a stand of  Bamboo.
This is part of the landscape that I hope isn't destroyed. (#1)

This is the back of the farmhouse.
To the left you can just see a large Lilac bush. 

This would be #2 on my list of things to  save.


On one side of the farmhouse is an old but beautiful
Pine Tree.

It is my hope that this tree will also remain intact.
I guess time will tell.
Since I have moved here,
I have become something of a tree hugger..
It just makes me sad to see natures creations
 that take years to grow,  
destroyed when a little thought and planning
could possibly save them for us to enjoy.

We can only hope...
Before you ask..the farmhouse is apparently beyond saving ?