Friday, June 30, 2017


Sound asleep, cozy as she can be...until

"Uh oh..Mom's getting too close..gonna have to leave."

"Maybe I'll just change my position."

This is where she spends the night now..

If I had stayed with her,
she would have gotten up and gone to her bed in the bedroom.
She doesn't seem to enjoy my company.


Mildred said...

I love these pictures. It is pouring down rain here in GA this morning. Hope you have a nice day.

Susie said...

Missy, With this weekend of fireworks...and who knows how long the people will be blasting them...hope your pets won't be scared. I don't think any animals like all that racket. I love how Mollie flipped her spot to see if she could stay there funny how pets act. Blessings for a nice weekend there. xoxo, Susie

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your Mollie is a cutie. She looks too comfy to move.

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Cranberry Morning said...

As much as my German Shepherd loved me and protected me, he only tolerated me hugging him and lying next to him. If it got too long, he would get up and move about ten feet away. LOL CUTE CUTE doggy photos!

Saimi said...

Oh that Molly, she's definitely loves her couch and apparently doesn't like to share haha!
Have a great weekend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

She sure zonks out when she's asleep, lol!

Kelly said...

She looks like my dog all spread out on the sofa. Mine doesn't use his dog bed much anymore. He would rather sleep where we sit.

Lynne said...

Fun pictures!
Gotta have one eye opened, mom.

David Gascoigne said...

I can only wish that I could be as pampered as your pet!