Friday, August 11, 2017


About five weeks ago I wrote a post about a Wren
who had built a nest on a bookcase
 in the back of a neighbors garage.
They have flown their nest and made it out of the garage.

There's no way to tell if these are the original parents or new ones.
This time they opted for a house.
This birdhouse is more than ten years old 
and used to belong to a good friend and one time neighbor of mine.

I have always liked it as have the birds..
It has been very well used over the years.
I have painted the roof 
and it has been repaired (tightened) a few times..
The hole wasn't big enough for somebody.
When I moved here five years ago I brought it with me
and it hasn't disappointed me.
This is the first Wren family it has housed.

All birdies welcome!!!


eileeninmd said...

Hello, it is wonderful to watch the birdies using the bird houses. The wrens are so cute. Adorable photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

Diana Kosmoski said...

So sweet! I hung a birdhouse on a planter to 'balance' out one of those 'two armed' wrought iron plant holders. Anyway, it sits right by my outside table and chairs where I sit to drink coffee, I was so surprised when a mama bird made her nest in there. I am hoping the babies can get out of there when the time comes. I feel like I should take the top off and clean it out when they are gone so the next 'birdie' can start building a fresh new home. xo Diana

Susie said...

Missy, I love that the wrens found the house , that once was your friend's. I had a wee house just for décor once, I put it on a post and wrens have been in it ever since. I bought houses with small entries just for wrens. Hope you are having good weather this's to be nice here. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Lowcarb team member said...

Wonderful to see these photographs.

All the best Jan