Friday, September 8, 2017


My garden has filled in nicely this year with a little help from me.
There is an Aster coming up in the middle of this Lavender.
Things tend to spread a bit.

This is a "Dwarf" Little Lime Hydrangea. 
It was white when I planted it.
I planted two out front and two others to fill in my garden.

Along the back near the house you see a green Japanese Maple,
a "dwarf lilac", a Crepe Myrtle and two Winterberries.

My garden has undergone a lot of "tweaking".
I think the only original plantings are the Winterberries.
I'm sure that I'm not done yet..
There is no room to add anything so if I see a "must have",
something has to go.
These Hydrangeas don't do well anymore on the side of my house.
The shade trees have gotten bigger and blocked the sun.

This Oakleaf Hydrangea on the other hand, 
seems to love the shade.
It's huge...soon to have a visit from my pruners.

Out front is a Young Maple tree that grew over a foot this year.
I replaced two evergreens that got too big
with Limelight Hydrangeas.
To the right of those is another Japanese Maple..
The plant in the center is a perennial Geranium that goes crazy.
I have cut it back severely twice this year..
There are a couple of Hosta to the left (fillers).

My Clematis is going through a second bloom.

Have a nice weekend.


Saimi said...

Your flower garden is so neat and tidy and the flowers and shrubbery look so pretty and well kept. I'm afraid to admit it, but mine have been so neglected. Instead of looking out my windows, I'll just look at your pictures when I want to see something beautiful!
Have a nice weekend

Lynne said...

Everything looks so pretty Missy.
I live the dwarf, Limelight Hydrangeas . . .
You have a green thumb!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think your garden looks very nice Missy.

All the best Jan